Back-to-School Accessories for the iPad

Lucky Magazine contributing editor displays hot gear to go with your device.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Back-to-School Accessories for the iPad
We'll chat later. It's back-to-school time. And so many are taking their ipads with them. How do you make your ipad look smart and stylish at the same time? High-end designers are making bags and cases and clutches. Here to tell us if you should splurge or save is lori bergamotto. Everybody has an ipad these days. You can get fancy and beautiful covers. This is a beautiful splurge. This is a splurge. It's from jimmy choo. You'll see everything here, ipad accessories are more of a fashion accessory and less than a tech accessory. This is gorgeous. It's made in italy. Glitter is trendy. But perhaps you don't have the funds to spend. And voila -- this is really nice. How much do you think this cost? I'm guessing $75. Even less. At $42.99, you can get the sequence. That's from mod tops. You're still going with the trend, but for less money. Now, we have the shoulder pbag that holds an ipad case in it. This is from diane von furstenberg. Let me show you. This is where the ipad goes. That's great. Back here. You can see how neat that is. This is a hit on the runway. We have our digital edition up there. But at $700 it can be pricey. You're paying for that real leather, that designer detail. So, we have a lesser expensive alternative. This is available at amazon.Com. And how much do you think it cost? If this was $700? 100? 53.21. A better budget range. It's synthetic leather. But you have to pick what's important to you. We have these that are really trendy right now. This is a sleeve. It slips right in. We love this. This is from prada. And don't you love the heart prints? Very feminine. Very cute. It's actually really soft. It's $310. Is that what you're willing to spend? If not, we also have -- now, this is from kate spade. It's another feminine, really whimsical print. Guess how much. Oh, gosh. 50? Nice job. This is neoprene. I like this one better than the more expensive one. I love both. No offense. But perhaps, you know, you want something that's a little more understated. But yet, elegant. This is a clutch? This is a clutch. This is from coach. 178. If you're looking for something that you can tote to work but you don't have almost $200 to spend? The. Just the ipad go in here? Everything can go in here. Documents, billfold. Maybe you want to spend less money. We're a little stuck here. This one, you can get for -- ready, elizabeth? I won't stump you this time. 66. This is really understated, elegant. And this doubles as a portfolio. This is our lucky bag buy. And still, it's attractive. It's more about a fashion accessory and less about tech accessory. Are these big right now? Huge. The biggest trend we're seeing. You have tons of options no matter what your budget. Lori, thank you so much. We can get more details at "lucky" magazine. And also, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. And you can get more information on the accessories.

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{"id":17181529,"title":"Back-to-School Accessories for the iPad","duration":"3:00","description":"Lucky Magazine contributing editor displays hot gear to go with your device.","url":"/GMA/video/back-school-accessories-ipad-17181529","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}