Backstage Pass With Neon Trees

A behind the scenes look at the 'GMA' Summer Concert Series
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backstage Pass With Neon Trees
Nothing is not. Welcome to backstage pass that we are here -- -- an amazing -- thank umpires we didn't help that it's 55 rapid fire questions of first thing that cuts and I don't -- didn't think too much cabinet you're thinking we're gonna. Think -- I only got two hours sleep and whoever wants to jump and reading it pretty animated if you could be cartoon character which would be. Check. Forget what -- document inspector gadget yeah. I love them like go go get tax -- -- job. -- -- At a nice working at the cinema in Las Vegas company lifeguard what is the most tragic events. Machine machine collection. I don't know if you ask you initially get them -- but he's -- -- the crowd very -- sending them. Then came when -- Elections is another man's face collection. So today the 1961 -- that I got to play it today it's my favorite. Auto World War II rifle recently that. -- -- -- Now hey listen very different -- like -- Favorite thing that's coming don't have very often to do believe the day and to get any though -- -- threat meant by -- and go get elected -- get Wendy's. Do you get a big one simply -- that could view at least the -- -- I -- less like old episodes. Twilight Zone and quantum leave and wantonly and can't keep thinking ahead about the movie coming out -- -- -- eat my have you heard it -- it's good. If you collaborate with some kind of projects would it -- -- to collaborate with someone I'm I'm waiting one day for my super group with -- -- -- -- -- It's working on now that's not -- that stuff now is a David Byrne I think you're Talking Heads the collaboration -- All right so let's get together on this is a huge -- -- tiller what's. We took forever when we put records that we discovered beds business ceasing so we'll be in a town -- guarantee it. Erickson a pay thinking that some -- in the community began doing this it's let it out with us early in the morning -- -- makes it CNN because. Central Park is full again next week. -- with the the.

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{"id":17027728,"title":"Backstage Pass With Neon Trees","duration":"3:00","description":"A behind the scenes look at the 'GMA' Summer Concert Series","url":"/GMA/video/backstage-pass-neon-trees-music-entertainment-summer-concert-series-gma-17027728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}