Baldness Cure? Scientists Get to Root of Problem

A breakthrough could lead to the first real cure for male-pattern baldness.
2:59 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baldness Cure? Scientists Get to Root of Problem
Not a scientific breakthrough that could lead to the first real cure for male pattern baldness it is -- story very close to -- watts hearts. And head and so we sent him to investigate and nick -- I just want you to know I love you and all that lustrous hair on top of your head it's just the luck of the -- that -- happens to be me. Dropping to you in London -- -- -- good morning do you neck. -- -- -- But I'm a little -- -- this morning I'm good I'm running offended story comes up about male pattern baldness and you -- like. -- did not balding British correspondent Neil Hamilton a empathize. With you know half I'm -- but -- also very. Very interest -- Men has landed on the moon or. Split the handsome. They're expected indoor plumbing. Find a cure for the slip pet the -- -- the project through -- Stephanopoulos champion Eliot. Good get a cup of coffee this doesn't concern you -- you would you. Gather rent half of men have thinning hair by age fifty and that this guy thinks he's unlocked -- cure. We actually looks at the scalp of men who are going -- with a particular. Protein that's elevated in the -- -- is called PGD to. Widespread -- high -- all that protein work slightly below. Their right. Their compounds they can block them interceptor that are under development by several. Drug companies right now that's enough for the signs dude just make it happen. Ladies -- -- -- build a land of Egypt gorge on chocolate 24 sevenths and still look like this. That's the best analogy I can think -- there are other baldness treatments around there's Bruce Willis -- Phil Spector rugby. Elton John plugs or couldn't. Bigger and McCracken the loved by politicians. Will live of the world. But their -- but -- few hours there's regains Rogaine and Propecia some swear by them I'm not only been -- for president. But I'm also point some dent could -- be on the verge of an undisputed. Elixir it. Every you do. I think this could be the beginning and end of hair loss for men and women from men who would be the -- you may remember this day in my boldly headed Brothers. It's a great day for -- and content. You know this might change my career trajectory massively if I'm Robin is less likely be on TV for another 1015 years we'll be sitting here like -- Blagojevich made again but it Michael Bolton and good ran the back nobody can stop me. Josh I'll be -- recognize. That -- again I have to recuse myself descend on this but big mix terrific stuff. The U -- -- -- -- to -- stop in the words of any REI am not my hair.

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{"id":15985018,"title":"Baldness Cure? Scientists Get to Root of Problem","duration":"2:59","description":"A breakthrough could lead to the first real cure for male-pattern baldness.","url":"/GMA/video/baldness-cure-scientists-root-problem-15985018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}