The Band Perry Rocks Times Square on 'GMA'

Country music group sings "Better Dig Two" off their latest album, "Pioneer."
3:33 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for The Band Perry Rocks Times Square on 'GMA'
Our here at the -- -- spring concert series and we're so happy to have the band -- here. How long pioneer -- out today and -- Kimberly -- and read Perry singing their hit single better dig two. -- really -- yeah. You can't have. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- yeah. Adding that addicts use. Yeah. Okay. The last may. -- -- -- And two days.

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{"id":18870939,"title":"The Band Perry Rocks Times Square on 'GMA'","duration":"3:33","description":"Country music group sings \"Better Dig Two\" off their latest album, \"Pioneer.\"","url":"/GMA/video/band-perry-dig-song-performed-live-good-morning-18870939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}