Barbara Walters Announces Her Last Day on 'The View'

Walters' last day co-hosting "The View," a program that she created, will be May 16.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters Announces Her Last Day on 'The View'
Okay for me you may remember that last thing I said that I would -- daily television in the year. So here we it's almost one year -- and I've decided that Friday may sixteenth. Will be my final appearance on the view as a co host. There will be -- two allowing ABC news' primetime special looking back at my prayer for all -- He continued this year is on the next half -- Production this -- childhood trip and then not failed -- yet because I am not leaving television and -- I we'll continue in my role as executive producer of the view. I think -- my island and oh yeah I'm John. That I can continue to watch bill Getty was remarkably for -- -- 25 years. Get a hold up and bomb attacks. Okay. -- -- I'll remain a lifelong member of ABC news making appearances as the news warrants but I'm. I'm the 'cause this not have the best time here on this program that I created seventeen years ago -- can you believe it. Yeah well you know I just want to say something dollar -- I wanna get through to you know weep because it's a happy day any any -- -- but -- I love. I'm happy your hair I love being on the that you and I cannot tell you how much emotion and -- I have to work. And admiration. So since you don't moderate asks what they -- -- Barbara just for one moment there. Barbara I look at the calendar there's thirty shows left if you're in all of them have you thought privately. What that means. -- -- -- -- -- But on the other hand you know you governor knowing -- got to know what -- and I talked about the it feels right for me it feels like committed I love they shall I love what we've -- it will continue without me. And when I sacked just -- on another of these moments but I also know that this time. And I don't want people to say she's still yeah. Hey -- what kind of fun. So he's OK I think my first you know here here I am so blessed and honored and watching you all -- -- now I'm gonna -- center. I just want to say thank you for all of these years and this opportunity to because I can't imagine being on the view. Without having to sit across and I'm not god yeah. Okay. Okay. -- -- -- -- How does it make you feel to know every show. Pretty much that is on the air. Is this view I mean I you know they say imitation of the -- inside. I don't know how to say -- -- the highest form of flattery but every. Every show it's as if they'd never had multi I don't co -- sit -- even the sports show with its talk about the topics of the day the fact that -- -- to black women on the show you've never seen silently. Something that people live taken from over the years and this is the -- been on a 76 funny how do you feel -- that you don't create it. There's got to think everything about look at everything and everything starts with the but -- not and it's not a serious. I'm discussed Barbara because that's not all that's gone on there's something really. So the fantastic happening in May ABC news headquarters here in New York City is -- to be renamed the Barbara Walters spilled it. -- Okay. It's gonna take this party going entire week -- may twelfth to the sixteenth without all Barbara celebration or our ABC get it all -- -- -- This out. Barbara all week long and just before we go to hot topics mad just saint. Okay. Okay. Okay. -- You know this is -- we don't tell you this all the time but people wonder and say. What do you get -- do you get along off stage you give me and we really have such affection for each. And -- It's easier for them to you Gaza -- -- -- sexy it's easier for people to decide that women can't seem to get along so you never hear. When you have sports guys -- their bitching at each other places. You know let us have a spirited conversation at all you know they -- China as we paid. Hated each that you wouldn't outlet channel one out of that joint -- noticed that if we do disagree by the time to get backstage everyone's unhappy because. Onto another angry young that you are not logged in just how many is not I looked at that picture about how did -- It's at -- over twenty years -- over twenty years.

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{"id":23221792,"title":"Barbara Walters Announces Her Last Day on 'The View'","duration":"3:00","description":"Walters' last day co-hosting \"The View,\" a program that she created, will be May 16.","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-announces-last-day-view-23221792","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}