Barbara Walters' Fascinating People: Sneak Preview

Katy Perry, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are on 18th annual list.
5:51 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' Fascinating People: Sneak Preview
Great to have Barbara -- back with us with the December -- tradition we all know -- -- debate for days -- list of the ten most fascinating people of 2011. It's on tonight at 930 and I certainly be young at. That's what usually one so our hoppy I even half more fascinating -- solutions available that this is the eighteenth year he would -- to people. We know that this exhaustive Powell all of -- now. Now hop producer and I sit down and say okay home with the people who really made a -- who really made a difference and we try to have. Them in different categories side and the American. You know he -- always an extra -- But I was I was teasing before you did break the rules and I think Andrea I'm glad especially -- somebody did -- -- -- and you just whispered to me who it is in -- your life. But I'm not gonna -- -- we had. And that two wonderful -- -- -- -- who played a gay couple we have Simon -- second -- and Herman Cain Katy Perry Derek -- Donald Trump panorama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fascinating background I mean -- this new young stock five. Hit singles from one reckoned. Fascinating. Background parents father had been a drug dealer not that evangelical. Pastors -- look shouldn't. I want to talk about your accountant your parents were. I tenants. Evangelical -- Pastors who went from town to town preaching. We have tell me what it was like for these past. That's when -- -- a little girl I kind of thought that my family's world was the only type of world existent adding we had television but it is very. Censored you know and people are about to kiss I would never -- that actual -- But it would be changed the next. Second but before that before they became pastor is your mother went on a -- -- -- and Jimi Hendrix and your father was a drug you need to do nothing I'd heard in his sermons could is that part of his testimony. So that I started to register call -- their lives are very colorful before this very black and white world -- She is that approach has that high profile marriage with Russell Branyan. Have been apparent emptiness tonight -- negotiations that experience and her. And -- -- -- Yeltsin said he appeared stone street and Jesse Tyler Ferguson great guys reminded them that that will follow -- -- -- -- play a gay couple. And though the one hasn't -- the more flamboyant. Is actually straight and recession Eric and just say it was just another set of Iowa. What do you -- subdued is actually -- But they have that that they have a good deal in common. And besides what that what they play and have very fond of each other but let me show you what they haven't come. We willing -- You know -- was made fun of you know as a kid for being overweight I was always the biggest kid around tallest and widest and -- I guess but. You know it definitely helped me become mean I learned how to you know take -- away from people before they could say them. When you talk about being violated. What do what do they do what they say -- you. There were times where -- would be called names I was you know penned up against a fence my jacket and left out there you know after the recess now on the teacher had to come find me and. Was it because you would -- I mean I have red hair I had glasses I think maybe some kids -- -- lot of scandals that I was a threat to them that -- -- -- I was kind of always. Time to -- in the shadows not not make too much noise. I love them there they're such great guys and then he had to. He took one from the political world Herman Cain -- hierarchy you know we just did that interview very recently Lyle Everett I got everything we have not heard the end of Herman Cain on me. Wouldn't surprise me if he had an anchor chair in in the future. And we asked him about his political ambitions if it's not just what -- Do you think happened that any of the candidates. Might choose you -- him running mate. All right. Honestly don't think that they would win because being in the spin of the speed with start all over again. What kind of cabinet position. My -- like if it were possible that we have speaking totally totally part of that yeah right totally totally out of that apple Department of Defense. What yes not treasure ring I mean -- I'm not not that and I got a -- -- why Department of Defense because if I could influence rebuilding our military to -- it should be. That would be a task I would consider undertaking. -- k.'s guardian and Kemp got out of it's not a guy shot his Department of Defense Donald Trump who we have on this don't say. I'm gonna be a candidate -- -- maybe I think even after the election Donald Trump does empathize that in -- -- Herman -- boy not shrinking away at all I'm not. I have he's gonna have a voice she's going to want to be -- and -- had a lot of -- and -- is great charm -- a little bit more about the Kardashians what -- I think what people have criticized us having the kind that Russians on muscular -- isn't sure they didn't seem to mind. But I -- dashing and I mean not now larger -- -- nothing is private and they talk about. Everything from the sex tapes to that marriage that sort of kinda was extraordinary -- the -- and that the mommy is on what. The mother -- some of mr. Crist is out. Going to be fantastic about thirty tonight Tenaris -- people of 2011 Barbara Walters special it is going to be fantastic I -- not on the it's getting keep rubbing it in another -- loving it and.

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{"id":15152577,"title":"Barbara Walters' Fascinating People: Sneak Preview","duration":"5:51","description":"Katy Perry, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are on 18th annual list.","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-fascinating-people-sneak-preview-15152577","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}