Barefoot Bandit May Get More Jail Time

New evidence showing lack of remorse could have his sentence increased.
2:22 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barefoot Bandit May Get More Jail Time
Now to the new trouble for the Barefoot Bandit his courtroom apologies convince a judge that he really sorry for a marathon crime spree. Which included everything from burglary to flying without a pilot's license. But new evidence has come to light that suggests he was not so sorry after all. Which may get -- needed more time behind bars ABC's Neal Karlinsky has that story. As to counts -- through seventeen manager but he didn't do. In front of cameras in court the so called Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris Moore has been a picture of remorse. Through his attorney saying he was sorry for the international crime spree that landed him here sorry for robbing multiple homes and stealing airplanes. A far cry from these newly obtained emails and recorded phone calls from prison. Where he calls everyone from authorities to reporters swine and vermin. Following the hearing in which he acted like a virtual school -- he wrote this in an email. Those guys look like complete fools it was during that seems sentencing hearing that the judge bought his tale of remorse giving him the low end of the sentencing range seven years instead of -- -- -- think in this case isn't imagines his many victims warned the judge at the time. I mean a lot of us had bad childhoods right read it. The criminals. Sure enough back in his cell the Barefoot Bandit road in this email obtained by federal authorities I won't be out tomorrow but. I have no doubt that'll emerge unscathed with my plans back on track the -- released the emails as part of their -- effort to keep terrorists were locked up this time on federal charges. The twenty year old became a folk hero in part for teaching himself to fly a skill he down played in court but wasn't shy about later nobody on this planet is done what I have except for the Wright Brothers is -- amazing considering his upbringing reportedly abused from an early age inside this trailer. Where we were threatened just for showing up. Good five. I'm going to let him coming back out with a gun. The infamous criminals seems to think he has a knack for defying the odds once again he wrote I made it through -- situation I shouldn't have. The next test convincing a federal judge just got -- lot harder -- thanks to his own words. For Good Morning America and Neal Karlinsky ABC news Seattle. And those own words his own words -- a lot of trouble.

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{"id":15446287,"title":"Barefoot Bandit May Get More Jail Time","duration":"2:22","description":"New evidence showing lack of remorse could have his sentence increased.","url":"/GMA/video/barefoot-bandits-jail-time-lack-remorse-15446287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}