Baseball Star Wilson Ramos Rescued After Kidnapping

Pierre Thomas reports on the daring rescue of the Washington Nationals' catcher.
1:25 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baseball Star Wilson Ramos Rescued After Kidnapping
And we're learning more about the daring rescue of Major League Baseball star Wilson Ramos who was kidnapped last week. At gunpoint and rescued and hail of bullets here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. In handcuffs for the first time we see the gang responsible for the kidnapping -- Wilson Ramos. One of the most promising talent in Major League Baseball. The -- of the dramatic rescue began with the discovery of one of the getaway vehicles used by the kidnappers. It was found 35 miles from where Ramos was taken at gun point two days early. An army of 300 commandos police and other specialized units including helicopter teams scoured the region. As authorities searched through remote mountainous area on foot a critical tip. They learned of a farmhouse recently used by kidnappers. The assault began commanders were met with fifteen minutes of gunfire as Ramos hid under the bed wondering if he was going to die. Say now. Those Gaza part time for me where his family pure joy and a tearful reunion. -- Kidnapping abruptly interrupted its field of -- from -- year. -- became the starting catcher of the Washington Nationals when I say thank you for every team NSC has been change. We're now one of Venezuela's -- -- Is back with mom. -- Good Morning America Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington.

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{"id":14947342,"title":"Baseball Star Wilson Ramos Rescued After Kidnapping","duration":"1:25","description":"Pierre Thomas reports on the daring rescue of the Washington Nationals' catcher.","url":"/GMA/video/baseball-star-wilson-ramos-rescued-kidnapping-14947342","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}