Ben Affleck on Directing, Starring in 'Argo'

Actor joins "GMA" to discuss movie about the Iran hostage crisis.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for Ben Affleck on Directing, Starring in 'Argo'
I'm here with ben affleck. He directs a new movie called Of six americans trapped in a tehran hostage crisis. Take a look at this scene where u.S. Officials suggest sneaking them out on bicycles. To meet them at the border with gatorade. 300 miles to the turkish border. They need a support team following them. We were just asked to sharp-shoot this. Dave is handling this. Who is this? Tony is an expert specialist. He's got a lot of people out. It's winter. Can't afford to wait around till spring. The only way out of that city is the airport. You send them there, he takes them out of the commercial flight. Ben affleck joins us now. You play tony mendez in that film. Cia operative. He actually comes up what you call in the film the best bad to get the hostages out. Yeah. That's what's great about the movie. They have this incredibly implausible notion to hook the cia up in hollywood to pretend they're a scout for a b-fiction movie. It wouldn't work in the movie if it weren't in fact true. You knew the minute you read the script this is something you wanted to do? It was no thriller, a comedy, it was a great part to do something special with. And I think it's the best i think I've been involved with. We were telling everybody before, you know how the movie ends. It's a true story. At the same time, we were gripping each other's arms right up to the last second. I mean, the way you bring everybody through, it was the very difficult time in american history. It's incredible. Thanks a lot. And part of it was, interestingly, getting real footage. The precursors to "nightline" we put in there. We have a young diane sawyer. You sure do. Wait till see diane's hairdo. You know, and then we used that real footage and combined it with all of this wardrobe detail. We got the shoot at the cia. Which is spectacular. We got the state department. It was really an amazing experience for me. And I don't quite remember all that time. I was a kid playing with "star wars" action figures. It was fun to make it so real, if you were around, you'd go, yeah, that's how it was. And you were rocking that '70s HAIRDO? I was. It was kind of a davy jones special. Curt russell maybe. I don't know. That is one of the remarkable things as well. It captures the entire feel of THE '70s. Even the quality of the film. Yeah, I did a lot of things cinematically to re-create the WAY THE '70s FILM FELT. And from "all the president's men" and had the opportunity to do a neat trick if I filmed the MOVIE LIKE A '70s MOVIE IT WOULD Convince the audience that they were watching something from the 1970s. And we have alan arkin tomorrow. I hope they answer some questions. Tell us about this. This is a chocolate bar. A chocolate bar ultimately a gift to you and all the good people in the studio. I started this organization called the eastern congo initiative. We fund a war-torn place we work with the folks at greenhouse to bring their cocoa up to a level of international standards. And we have congo chocolate bar. You can get it on the internet or whole foods. So you can have a beautiful chocolate meal and also help the world a better place. Fantastic. When you started marketing this movie, and we had jennifer last week. She said a lot of pressure at home. Yeah, for me. And I want to congratulate sam. Thank you. Very exciting. Sure a shame that you can't get married in every state in the union. One day you will be able to. I was very inspired. Thank you. Thanks for having me. "Argo" opens friday october 12th.

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{"id":17422277,"title":"Ben Affleck on Directing, Starring in 'Argo'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor joins \"GMA\" to discuss movie about the Iran hostage crisis.","url":"/GMA/video/ben-affleck-argo-actor-discusses-starring-directing-thriller-17422277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}