Best Super Bowl Commercials: Ranking the Ads

Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle shares his perspective on the ad blitz.
2:41 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Best Super Bowl Commercials: Ranking the Ads
Let's managed just can't live entertainment we -- let's get his favorites as well as I don't believe me very high -- I like that moment the -- monkey about it. -- surprised us overnight because that but you really like this Chevy Silverado at about the end of the world apocalyptic I did -- well -- is scared -- -- I bronze -- I. Just I just thought it was a very well done that a lot of information conveyed in a short amount of time very economically and in -- that was sort of funny they took a dig. At -- I love it when between one brand takes a dig at another breath. Directly like that which. Happen all the time but they weren't very negative before -- write a very negative. I love support Craigslist does anybody they went negative -- another great car commercial last thing the Volkswagen that -- got a lot of dog on a treadmill. Yes Volkswagen had to top themselves you know last year they had the Darth Vader kid. And so this was there this was their parents have -- topic in the dog has to diet to get through the door and chased down a Volkswagen. And ended it was a button on the end of it paid tribute to the Star Wars bar they were all talking about the theater. Meanwhile Torre doesn't solve the slingshot -- but also a great day dad on another big winner especially on social media. Yes it was also this -- and -- the Great Dane had and the and the other one were part of a crash the Super Bowl to -- contest. Where filmmakers submitted begat -- both of those did extremely well what did -- -- Yeah with the losers you know what I didn't like the godaddy dads because they were basically you know they showed sort of you know parts of the naked -- -- go online and you can see more bullet went online and by the way you see -- -- -- -- the David Beckham. Where a lot of like naked lady ads which I don't ice -- -- -- not complaining about Beckham. We also learned that -- -- like you give a woman flowers she will have sex with you. According to tell Laura and that people than and one of the things we saw this year and this is kinda new. A lot of the sent out way ahead of time getting a lot of buzz before the big -- Which took away a little bit from the from the joy of being surprised by the -- during the super ball. Because they were Smart because if you release your rat a week or two before. You're the only one releasing your Super Bowl ad that -- you get a lot of budget bill lot of conversation. So if you look at beyond. The -- that I hit a Honda CRB had been the -- -- It it has something like eleven point six million views and you too. And it got so much buzz leading opponent doesn't says he might get -- tonight in game exactly OK just recently translated into the bag of Doritos -- -- I had a baby -- that I think.

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{"id":15520848,"title":"Best Super Bowl Commercials: Ranking the Ads","duration":"2:41","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle shares his perspective on the ad blitz.","url":"/GMA/video/best-super-bowl-commercials-ranking-ads-15520848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}