Beyonce Gives Birth: Star, Jay-Z Welcome Blue Ivy

Superstar couple's newborn baby-girl was one of the hottest topics on Twitter.
2:58 | 01/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce Gives Birth: Star, Jay-Z Welcome Blue Ivy
And new details this morning about the little bundle of joy born to Beyonce and -- over the -- Their baby girl blue Ivey was one of the hottest topics on Twitter. But the hours of her birth and but the newest members of our ABC -- ever -- Ferris he's anchored ABC's world news now and America this morning. You have been following this course good to have you back to visitor wrote down here it's good to be back with would fund the view -- -- also -- -- I people who are blue live -- we heard -- It is -- Lou -- -- the first clue baby blues name was -- several weeks ago. When Beyonce and Jay-Z gave out blue Christmas presents. Look out there's a new -- and pound pizza and pulled her out. Yeah -- seized funds and life. -- -- -- -- -- His superstar is recovering this morning after giving birth DNC's action Saturday and New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. The intensely private couple reportedly rented an entire floor of this Manhattan hospital for one point three million fox. Checking in under the name and Jackson. Having hospital workers place tape over security cameras blacked out windows. Keep it turned in their cellphones she's brand new to the world but -- -- IV is already rock royalty. Everyone from Arianna to -- current tour you know wishes when it how -- even clearer why her -- four million to Twitter verse. It seemed like the couple had their daughter's name chosen for -- -- Beyond changing eighteen gay friends blue Christmas presents a little perhaps the -- to Jay z.'s blueprint album franchise. Ice feed still Roman numeral for the couple's favorite number soars. You're both born on the fourth married on the fourth and Beyonce the latest album simply titled -- Beyonce has had an active pregnancy. Do any cost for our summer concert series this July. Revealing her baby bump -- -- be amazed at the end of August that's sitting down with ABC's Katie -- just a few weeks before her due date. Hopefully you know I'm gonna pass on things that. Generations of my family has passed onto me and hitting the streets of New York in heels -- last just two days before giving -- But when will she be ready to introduce Lou I need to the world Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sparked speculation waited six months before revealing thirty to the world. And some celebs like Matthew like IA and Jessica Alba had even reportedly -- -- -- three million dollars. Posing for photos with their newborn -- OK magazine. Now blue IV is not so outrageous when you consider other celebrity baby name's Jason Lee named his son pilot inspector. Jermaine Jackson dubbed his -- majesty. Or you could go to George Foreman throughout and give five of employs the same name George not that there's editing process. Halo 3 would work in Jordan junior Jordan has heard Georgia Forrester to that they goes on and --

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{"id":15320494,"title":"Beyonce Gives Birth: Star, Jay-Z Welcome Blue Ivy","duration":"2:58","description":"Superstar couple's newborn baby-girl was one of the hottest topics on Twitter.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-jay-blue-ivy-single-ladies-superstar-birth-15320494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}