Beyonce Knowles Discusses Pregnancy, Tour

Katie Couric talks with the superstar about life, music and her baby.
6:57 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Beyonce Knowles Discusses Pregnancy, Tour
Big event tonight on 20/20 two women ruling the world sit down with so much to talk about Katie Couric and Beyonce -- what has been a blockbuster year. In the superstars like new music. A new concert dvd live at Roseland elements of four and the biggest new development of all that baby on the way Katie has all the -- it was -- -- Hey Gary good morning nice to see you and I was played it like it -- anti around Beyonce because I'm so excited for her. She's such a wonderful person you and I interviewed a lot of famous people a lot of celebrities I have to say. She is one of my all time favorites and I also. Observed that pregnancy. Really becomes her. -- -- Fiance opted for an intimate venue to promote her latest album for. She chose New York's famous Roseland Ballroom which holds just 3500. Last August in a series of sold out concerts and no one in the audience suspected. Beyonce was really singing for two -- Those performances became a new dvd. Live at Roseland. Elements of four. Was it disappointing you couldn't go on -- and promote this album in a -- that. Normally he was well I was able to do rose planes and it's one of the reasons dated because felt like this music. That's so important to me and I want everyone to be able to experience and music flat because it becomes something completely deaf. I was quite intimate less -- it not only the fact that. There weren't that many people here but the contents of the show was pretty intimate -- It was that was something important to me because I think people get caught up in the music -- the -- And then fine of the song and they don't realize -- music it's the story of my life so telling the story. Was almost like it's telling my diary. Seven. The film is a collection of hits. Including Destiny's Child chart toppers like seeing my name. As well as Beyonce is iconic solo hits. Like single ladies. There's also a rare personal home video from her life. Even a little girl she knew music what's her destiny. You knew what he wanted to do what you want it to be at a very early age tax -- he chino that there was a feeling. That I got when apple formed that made me feel. Safer than India and -- -- I -- because I was of these Shaq I did not express myself. So that was my -- -- also have parents that. Asked to me all the time what do you love what is your passion and they built -- my self esteem. My mother's mission was to figure out what I left I think that's really important. And I hope to do the same thing. The -- my children what's the best thing about being pregnant. The best thing. Being able to eat whatever you want. Are you able to you know I've been really conscious. And -- been. Trying my best not to lose control because I've I've met so many people that -- my second baby mother baby I learned my lesson. So I have -- -- on crazy I know that it's important it that I don't lose myself. And I have my passion -- I have things that I love and you know -- I believe that life doesn't stop -- it fiance took me to see her new production company the park would group. Named after the street she grew up on in Houston a reminder of the lessons. From -- you've always been strong woman and I think he's always been very -- I think -- years if your whole package and ready to get that from -- -- -- like as. As a business owner she -- her own hair -- and -- are working thirteen hour today. And that's you know complained she always -- this detergents and basically the stuff in school she managed to. -- her life and I hope we can inspire other women to. Continue to write produce -- unsolved and -- and video and cast their brains that's really -- is not something that somebody is telling him to be. It's here -- park would that Beyonce produced directed and supervised editing of her concert found. -- the very private Beyonce even gives fans a tiny glimpse of her favorite dress. Her wedding gown something she's kept hidden from the public for three years. Though many magazines and people ask us to give -- and then that's not what it. -- the wedding was about and it was -- had -- -- it was only. You know a few people there was in -- home. My mother had designed the dress and I'm so proud of -- to see do such a beautiful job is so beautiful -- my favorite dress. I've ever -- So -- kind of happy people get to see -- If it could have some good role models and your parents don't you do absolutely. And hopefully you know I'm gonna pass on things -- Generations of my family has passed on to me and down. Six citing. I know it's going to be difficult at times and I know they like my mother and sometimes I'm gonna get -- Let's have -- -- is all out of -- and I'm just ready I'm ready for the next -- -- She -- excited -- and world trying to do the math we know that she was pregnant. When she came here to cheer me in July any better sense when the -- let you know she's keeping mum about the due date I think for security reasons primarily but she just released this week of behind the scenes look at the making of the video for song countdown -- and it. She said she was six months pregnant in late September so you do the -- she may be getting a very nice Christmas prisoner a New Year's baby here. Me down my birthday in January the seventh that's what I'm -- -- -- -- that would be -- She's got a lot of other things coming out nominated for -- that's -- -- -- -- -- not only for performing but for producing and directing her last concert -- which was called -- -- -- I -- the world for so apparently her work behind the scenes. Is good enough to get a Grammy nomination but she's just such -- -- is that we're gonna see so much more tonight on 20/20 including you're gonna get to the bottom. That whole controversy. It we -- -- -- -- -- -- saying she had faked the pregnancy we've laughed and laughed about that so we talk about that tonight also. Rumors about her crane scenes which were also completely untrue -- so we'll find out the truth that 10:9 central and -- -- -- -- nice -- -- --

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{"id":15072428,"title":"Beyonce Knowles Discusses Pregnancy, Tour","duration":"6:57","description":"Katie Couric talks with the superstar about life, music and her baby.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-knowles-interview-katie-couric-discusses-pregnancy-tour-15072428","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}