Bianna, Ginger's Skydive Experience

"GMA" anchors take to the skies for some extreme thrills.
3:00 | 09/09/12

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Transcript for Bianna, Ginger's Skydive Experience
Test Text1 italics Test Text ♪ time has co. Wondering why we did? Since ginger has come here, she's gone on adventures. I was pregnant. The baby was born. The males on the couch, wouldn't. I don't remember being asked. Oh, yeah, you were asked. Reporter: It's the ultimate adrenaline rush. 13,000 feet and diving through the sky. But could I actually do it? And could i? We thought that it would be a great bonding experience. I wouldn't do it. There's no way. No. S they disagreed. We're taking on this epicnge while they take on this my little guy jake. Are you going to take care of uncle ron and uncle dan? How are you doing? Bring on the baby. He likes us. Give me kissies. Someone has to baby-sit. Whatever you do with him, ron, don't watch television. Then my partner in crime arrived. They're in suits. Bye, guys. Can you wave good-bye. A few hours later, we're here at sky dive long island. And sign away, everything. Did you tell your mom about this? Yes. What did she say. She's freaking out. Ron and dan. And they're already breaking the rules. Football. We suited up in our gear. How are you doing? While they get jake suited up in his diaper. I'm trying to help you. Then, I get a call. Uncle ron. Hi, ron. No, no. The orange stuff is actually squash. That does go with water. Do not put that in the bottle. This could be very bad. Make sure to burp him after he eats. Is everything okay? We have complete control of the situation. We're fine. The boys figuring it out playing a successful game of airplane. Oh, I don't know if any made it in. Do you want this? While we finally head to our airplane and begin the trek, nearly 3 miles nearly straight up. Now this is getting the real. The fear is setting in. Cranking its way to 13,50 feet and somehow I drew the short straw. I'm going first. We inched to the door. As I'm strapped to our instructor. Suddenly I'm straining outside the door. And then seconds later I'm out the door. Instantly it's an explosion to the senses. The adreline intoxicating. The air is gutsy. Here we are, plunging back to work. The clouds there. I don't want it to end. But it's time for the chute. A few minutes to take a deep breath and take it all in. We're back on solid ground. Safe. That was awesome. Thank you. My pleasure. Jake, mommy's home. We did it. Mommy's home. I want to do that. Ginger, the difference between ginger and me, he said a minute worth of free-fall wasn't enough. 30 hours of labor did not feel as long as this minute free-fall. You said that your instructor when the chute finally fold and you started to have this view, he said to you. He said to you, welcome to my office! Would you do it again? No. You would do it again? Ginger would do it again in five minutes. If there's a longer free-fall. Props to you guys, jake was alive ooive when I got home. We'll be right back. George.

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{"id":17194359,"title":"Bianna, Ginger's Skydive Experience","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" anchors take to the skies for some extreme thrills.","url":"/GMA/video/bianna-gingers-skydive-experience-17194359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}