Have we all been saying Billy Crudup's name wrong?

Crudup appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new film, "Alien: Covenant."
19:27 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Have we all been saying Billy Crudup's name wrong?
He sure got. You mean. Insurer nice things. It's what we train crash should not gonna scrap all Macs to chase a rogue transmission. Human being everything it can't be anything. Hidden planet turns up out of nowhere and just happens to be perfect for us. I'm not committing. Anything. As it unfolds the force in this has the potential to be a better habitat for our colony. Human voice data transmissions and it's our responsibility. To investigate its responsibility. 2000 colonists on this. Second I need to protest. Officially. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and come up you know is there any of the movie for you see now but airing covenant. The answers now. You may think there are but no there's just that one and my guess Billy crude up today is. Why don't wanna do way Oka and let you give it oh wait I can't of that later noticed because I know your brother yes that I don't make a mistake with you know you don't I'd never record you Crudup thank you so some people just won't stop doing well you know what's the Ers who is the guy who does the voice overs for this previews yet when you hear. Crop up. Our attic and I look back at work I guess if you didn't change my name at this point did you guys have schoolyard fight about stuff like this well that we did have many school here -- -- Crudup was a part of it right -- and try to explain to kids in fourth grade that they used to be in -- out over the name you know back it was a German name they don't wanna hear that they don't get our case that you say the word over mountain fourth grade at another -- it's just it's not learned ahead with whatever you get that you've got it and you've learned to just live with this present. It was funny in my got a thirteen year old son and they're always looking for the thing that they can you know like go to you with Newton and he saw me correct somebody when time with -- -- I think I got a little something here so one point like. Philly press and take. I know your teenager now and you're almost taller than me but that's that's timeout but he's had happened already unbelievable high but that's all. It's just wrong it's in how to stop it did you should do that he must be excited about being an alien he was so excited Peters. Mode he. Mostly because it's not another move gave me sitting around with someone talking about my feelings indignity dealer and another one of those adult movies where you're just talking. Can kill you tablets are so I got to bring into Australia and he got to see some like the creature shop and stuff and the effects of so cougar is so disgusting obvious. I was I had about it and army three weeks of coolness there. On which I was I was grateful for at the statement on I was also duty about scene that stuff I haven't been a part of something. Where there is the level of artistry that goes and that the production design and artifacts that they're creating this were so extensive and beautifully rendered that you feel like you're at some kind of you see an exit so it was. Rick want kind of hit. You know it's like you've gone too late move the Disneyland. Where that you can actually be acting in that I'd be intimidated is held to walk on the. It makes a lot easier 'cause you don't have to imagine much it's all right there and since we were meant to be in and I'm comfortable environment it was perfect for us. But Ridley would take is around Ridley it is like a he's like a fourteen year old boy in a situations where site. And all the blood over there isn't that amazing your team thinks that this guy thing. And oh. Took four years to make you know like the level of design imprecision that goes and and hinted. Creation of this world it's like being a part of an art installation. You know I've not done my due diligence and haven't even mentioned to you playing. But you you basically are playing a guy who's in who's amana pay rent he was the second in command right. And you the man of faith gets the take over who has no damn faith and. Itself precisely I that was the interesting thing to me specifically about this character. Is. He's somebody who's who seems to be guided by. His own belief system his own. Notion of how we were created and where we came from. And then when challenged by these unthinkable obstacles. Loses that faith and has to sort of regain his own sense of you know authority and strengthen everything in the midst of all this chaos. And dom so playing a character who's going through that are practical level. While we are watching it you know any kind of metaphorical level I thought was really in it interesting for me but. I mean hate you warrant with this cast and you this is again a prequel because it may be a sequel to from me he has but. We're moving towards the beginning of the first alien in seventy. So you must have been a kid when that was coming out. I was it scarred me deeply and did it all amid a horrible decision I think it was ten or eleven. With a bunch of friends who had heard about some horrific scene in this movie alien what we were to go see some G movie and snuck in to alien. And needless to say when that moment came down we fled. Arm in horror and its stay with us for a long time it was probably five or ten years before record actually watch that movie on. I guess with beta Max or whatever we are watching them you're talking about the crude up Brothers Vincent was he's that they couldn't sit DiLeo we sent our fighting for each other we can handle it and movies but word home. Oh now you have the kid almost as well he's little bit older than you and he'll laugh he wants to see it so bat an eye and I was like. Dude I don't know if I'm an. Allow you to do that because I really don't want stay up with you every night for the next month while you process this. On and so I kind of took him through explicitly one scene. Yeah he was like. Okay how I think column. Think about it that night so I think I put it off just an. It is a need to get through the opening of the movie and given some time to hear how terrific it is trying to think a lot of your work he can say. Yeah very I mean I want to go to what was then. No and I don't think he's quite ready for watchman. He got freaked me out yet another one they look you know yep. And it was everything was larger than age should be in the life well. OK Peter OK but a lot of information he did it it. I you had to some no deposit in other words or trust me when I meant when I heard. Because we did a elm. We did a test with a bunch of the other animators and stuffed it get a consensus from everybody about. Which size would be appropriate and in the graphic novel. He specifically illustrates that as a sort of Greek statues you know he can like it's an iconic graphic idea of a man. And I guess -- idea was we're gonna tries something different and so they went through arm a series of different. Penis sizes. On a scale of one to 25. And when he told me they landed on 24 I thought wow it's just that the terrible thing mutiny. They did and they did when I in the did you that I see every kind of thing I've seen you and there's no one big crude cut although all. I think now almost famous could. Book and your sort of god movies with alien because even when used. And they believe it. I am oh god I'm back and limit the double check that Atlanta blew god I have I guess I have a god come. Collects. And everything else because sometimes wants you smile it's really nice and then I remember seeing you alone and we're murdering children. Well you know I I guess the content it wasn't me with my brother Peter that's what I some blaming your brother for everything well yes my older brother Tommy in real life and then my brother played by Michael stool bargain play yeah. That was a pretty twisted. Fantastic place throughout a good chance that it be partisan. Six story telling. And I commend you thank you it's like we are important to things like that your brother Tommy did tummy to teeth it you don't look Billy directly in the I'm I don't know. I and you are in no way Texans head. Well this is not Meyer is that we've and they can't afford what is no attack you can I have there but I'm happy to let his allegiance it just I you know but you're pleased surgical not an out and do not. Touched that air. He had other things but he said those were the two things should now. That's an interesting here going on the viewer vote if there really want to necessary will slash two photos of him we'll get some votes on a path to do that. But why. In you'll. In your child. Made you say to your parents did because where were you were Long Island but they knew where in Florida Florida so you come from no. No New York is our home for sure we'd panic is Tommy and I moved here in 91 together and I came up go to graduate school and he just wanted to. Get. Try to find a job in new York and it's shortly there after my mom moved up the city in the in my younger brother so big all of our family with the exception of my grandmother mom. Who's 95 hi Mimi if you're watching I hope you didn't listen to any of the disgusting things that Peter and I were talking about up to this point. Com but he can begin now yes start now I mean me of. At a it. If you could started there that are hydrated thinking and exactly what Herring. Billy Krueger film festival where you grandma and I would believe though there's one really does show every she likes there was Charlotte grace here's that has finally you weren't well. It's who's now a grown man worth two and and Cate Blanchett would it seems like please don't I mean if here. Fake limp penises on screen. Seat that or fewer playing someone named. I don't need to see him know why that's one of the great movies if I'm going through that Jesus son is one of those one you know I was so proud to be a part of that and really know where the total junkie. Absolutely yes someone who saw the world as a beautiful place it was every opportunity in this landscape of of depravity. Was an opportunity for him to sees some poetry in living in that that is. I thought it was a beautiful beautiful movie to you feel when you look back through the prism. Of Hugh. Grateful that I'm old enough that it can't remove I mean what comes out of that that we used and why that was an experience you know it gratitude really because there if I had dreamed it up when I was in school how. My my best case scenario. Of a career. It would it would be so many of the things that I got an opportunity to do things like. The Pelham and things like. Jesus' son and working with Ridley Scott and almost famous and on news the last play I did was Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Shuler Hensley and I doing waiting for good though and Harold Pinter play no man's land. In repertory on Broadway. Yeah you mean you've done you have a Tony award for posted I brought it did you because it's for doing important to have those he should have. You know I Wear it it's an actress got very weird but it was an exhibit on the hood of a car hit a weekly. That development of my Kia which hit its all but go in your life when you're winning awards arm well it's really just that one that I sit that one that I didn't wanna bring that knowledge and that's in my son's room and hangs over his bed let. Just by aspire to something big today to be doing listen to daddy he's been put you know you what I was saying before theories about each impossible to pigeonhole. Into this one thing. Which is when somebody wants to be a major star. They usually play the same part of Britain right and you don't think well I when was the intervention done if I try to do the isn't it forever it is likely I have the same agent and at the same agent for a long time and he's tired of hearing me talk about it so I think he just lets me do whatever I wind and knows that if he if he pursues. A certain path too much that I'll just hang up on him but when I was in school. I thought well I was taught that if you want to have a long career as an actor. You have to exploit the best opportunities that you get and if they get their characters that you're getting our disparate that's even better you get to exercise a lot of different things early on in your career and so I I think that was an early pursuit of mine I also really to me that theater is a very active and interesting place for. Performance and I go to the theater a lot in I have a lot of friends and in so. Finding a way to do both and I was getting pretty exotic opportunities in both arms so. I thought that's kind of my responsibility is to take those chances while again because there's going to be a certain point. Where obviously you won't have those kinds of opportunities or they'll change and as it turns out I've just been able to. You know sustain what has been for me like a dream career supporting parts in the parts and on big budget films and no budget films than. In fact on that Jesus son. The woman into a was the producer. And co writer and I acted in it was somebody that I went to drama school with and she said you know this is in the movie where we have a budget of much of anything so we really can't pay you. And I said the only thing I want is one of those. When of those cast chairs that sit and on the back and so that's and I've got a much what you've got exactly pitching I have to vote I have told homes from my. I mean I just think it's per yeah and the winless undiscovered. About sixers though and took a lot of explaining but now he's big thing. You know that's what having a child that is you know had total out of equation which will go on for years and years after that. But again when you do last year we saw you you're in twentieth century women. The sweetest guy on our the opposite of Pelham and you know he's like he's he's fixing things I don't wanna play. Those roles I gotta tell you Peter I was offered more of those. I can remember there was another movie that came out this year called one mile to you know where that is about a young runner who's in the midst of turmoil and and pummel and I play his. Coach who has. He's solved his existence he knows exactly where he is he likes being a high school track coach and I slept so well while I was playing that character clean as I can playing him to take in these parts home him well you know what ends up happening easy trick your imagination for twelve hours during the day there's just a little bit of residual. You know. If if art. I can remember there was a movie called dedication Justin throw directed and that character just saw the world business salts and armed. So not only do the scenes involve that let you you have to. You have to fight I mean if you're if your interest bid in manifesting in a way that seems realistic. He is kind of trick your brain a little bit you know and look at people sideways and you imagine other people's motivations are bats when you've got your imagination working that way all the time. It's just all just a little billionaire that injecting too because there you are the journalists interviewing. Jack and Kennedy after her husband's assassination yes and I kept. Because now I'm a critic fell in my head is filled with. Different things and so in that you're kind of playing with her and she's playing with you. When when that director of popular rain was. Explaining to me I was like. And who understand like I grew up post this I only know the Jackie Kennedy that we that we Revere you know I can't imagine a scenario where human being. Would approach for a week after her husband's assassination. And that grill her in a way you know or call into question her. And on he was very shrewd in addition to having. A very convincing voice. In saying on. We this is your entire career you've been working for forty years to build up or thirty years to build it this reputation as a solid journalist you can't. Allow somebody who up until this point was considered by the day intellectuals as a kind of novice in his view you know you can't let her. Build the legacy of our president. You have to no matter what she wants he and I thought oh. You want me to play you you're interested in figuring out what made her for ruins like you of course are correct. A place chased the hit the way activated to do it they do it there's one moment at the beginning of it where. I'm introduced to her and our she opens the door. And he sat down. When he walks away you must spare us and I was like. Dude I'm not. I don't have a problem saying we're guys you know hurt you know people with. It is the morals but on a bit much an addict we understand she's. Announcement our turn. That everybody does it read it I wanna governor go to that's my tonight and to do that well this show ends if it's your first time install. In song with a little bit of their own something that's in your head to. Did you did you mean to sing out loud out. We did it I mean are you seeing in front filming it. Let me just point out either there something called movie magic now you all its auto tuned. I want to that we spend so long in the recording Booth what about something thing two years on. Alms. I think the only thing I think that my son is silent night. And is that it's appropriate even when it's not Christmas. Well not to but it was the only thing that I could remember. And so I would think. So. And the. Role. In. That's only somehow that makes total sense for area until nine I don't outline what had its. I am a little pretense that it but had the same time as well Emerson was asleep like this out of my room dad I think thing. Not with my Tony. It's stop doing that. Ready that is instilled fear that great grader died lasers are from there.

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