Billy Idol Performs at Fan's Birthday Party

Clayton Sandell discusses Seattle man's quest to celebrate with rock legend.
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Idol Performs at Fan's Birthday Party
Imagine very long campaign has just come to -- -- what -- very successful ending. At Seattle -- celebrating his birthday and it was a birthday -- a lifetime with rock legend Billy Idol. He got -- it is about two years ago and that he launched a long and sometimes. Seemingly quixotic mission refusing to quit until mr. -- said yes ABC's claims and -- the story. -- Maybe Seattle's most epic 26 birthday party ever. Billy Idol overnight making a very special appearance for Michael Hendrickson and 2000 of its closest friends. Two years ago Hendrickson was working three jobs struggling to make his mark in public relations. You know I knew I needed to do something a wife rather than just give interviews -- places doesn't just wasn't cutting it. One day he caught an old lady's favorite. And inspiration hit. He -- trying to give the Seattle -- my birthday party think what the hell go out to lose. He started a web campaign lobbing celebrities for help -- Beach Boys particularly analyst David Marks the Beach Boys. Why don't -- put my birthday party -- Fabio. To -- forever you know migrants are great guys even eighties rocker Rick Springfield. When my great effort he even formed his own eighties cover band might wait to play charity -- called Billy Idol aid -- thirteen thousand dollars. Finally after two years idol was in. Let me -- something Seattle big envelope slogan that dream will become a reality just kept. Pushing the idea and he seemed a little bit more than a fan of very enterprising young men who -- Just don't expect idol to accept every invitation -- to be play my birthday. Way. Picnic in the right before the show the two met backstage for the first time. The rock and -- people then idol who doesn't do opening acts made an exception -- -- And just when Michael's night couldn't get any better there was one last song -- happy birthday. CU. -- say it's do you. This is the epitome of -- life in the biggest lie ever of my life and -- can be more grateful or thankful. For Good Morning America Clayton send LA BC news Denver. That things -- -- Clayton wasn't offended at the bet that the navy might hear -- -- novelty how do you talk Billy Idol is pretty cool guy you like they're even more.

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{"id":17578632,"title":"Billy Idol Performs at Fan's Birthday Party","duration":"3:00","description":"Clayton Sandell discusses Seattle man's quest to celebrate with rock legend.","url":"/GMA/video/billy-idol-performs-fans-birthday-party-17578632","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}