Bizarre Beauty Trends: Snake Venom, Placenta

Extreme beauty secrets from Hollywood involve more than an injection of Botox.
5:27 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Bizarre Beauty Trends: Snake Venom, Placenta
Until we find the fountain of -- we will all probably spend millions and millions of dollars collectively to try to turn back the hands of time but how far will some doubt. ABC's Abbie Boudreau and searching around Hollywood for some extreme beauty secrets of the stars and found. Some truly shocking -- good morning -- Good morning Lara we all know just how far some celebrities will got to have that perfect glowing skin. But here in LA I found out firsthand just how bizarre some of these beauty trends -- -- It's forever remained a mystery just how far women will go to look young and beautiful. Vampire face lifts fish -- Bird dropping shall you'd think those extremes couldn't be pushed any further -- -- again the latest brace yourself. Human placenta facial snake venom facial and -- -- Affiliated car self proclaimed pioneer of the snake venom facial. Claims it's the secret to the start. Is that the law. -- -- -- -- -- But they cannot -- all of -- -- his neck and back probable all albeit based. But it's not poisonous like a real snake bites the serum is actually engineered to mimic the venom of facts it's not real snake venom right it's -- with mega mountain back at identical all -- says the venom paralyzed is a certain muscles in your face. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles over time I could feel like knowing that there is -- -- banner. On your face. Alan -- 88 feels amazing actually it it is scary at first bank. It feels amazing in the true of the moment I somehow gotten broke into trying little -- Bennett myself Lucio worked up -- just a minute. But first let's take a look at perhaps the most extreme celebrity skin secrets they human placenta facial is going to be these signature. Facial for -- -- the red carpet special when you're told give patients along and put a little human placenta under facing or they say while some to think people trust -- so they weren't scared these facials apparently attracts the most Tinseltown. Hottest starlets who exactly. Well let's just say it's another one of Hollywood's best kept secret. It's the secret. People who need to look their best all the time. But human placenta. Doctor Mansur says the treatment is safe but cautiously 500 dollars or more than just where -- that -- consensus in the first place. Chances are harvested -- fall. Russia the proteins or purifying -- Three suspended. -- -- -- -- -- All right I think we've got the gist of that -- Now let's check out the coolest of these bizarre trend. Ice chambers all my -- it is up for re saying yes he has very little. How cold will again we go to -- it's minus one seven Celsius which is close to minus beyond. But it is rethinking. What exactly does this do well just. And doctor -- says it'll help stimulate collagen production. -- -- -- -- your wrinkles and even help shave years off your look. You lose weight -- -- -- -- metabolism. It's all these things and on the entertainment industry especially in this celebrity circles that's one thing that they're very -- -- she. Aaron Davis -- costume designer for dream girls and the help loves the results so far I feel amazing have to treat -- have a lot of energy. China has played a look at them now yeah. Model and actress Shelley Dennis isn't looking to lose weight. But wants a more natural way to maintain her looks. -- really all of yes what are you financiers of my head I love that feeling that I had after I feel -- my body it's very wait kind of like. You know espresso shot -- your body. Speaking of a weight went -- him. Fire that's how I felt when I got that snake venom facial after some red light treatments and some oxygen pumped into -- faded plastic mask world done. Here's the before and now -- after no doubt I'm glowing but to get lasting results Sonya says I'd need a whole lot more than. So what are you thinking of getting one of these procedures done the truth remained. -- Truly bizarre. And -- since I had such a good time trying out some of these treatments -- and -- little presents overnight a little. Snake venom that maybe you can test out yourself I -- -- company Oliver sharing splattered all over. The -- -- -- -- will -- here wrinkle creams and secrets like. But it's a little T really. According to the -- -- write it right away. And dedication and you're feeling -- and it -- -- it works best on expression mind I understand. Yes an overall long period of time it's not like an injectable where all of a sudden -- leaving your you know a day later you know your -- really seeing -- -- fact that this happens over a longer period of time. And it's -- -- member it's not real snake venom it mimics the effects of a snake bite. And yes -- the car is the creator she says this is she feels this works better than. In injectable -- says it doesn't give that kind of frozen field and it's less than 200 dollars you can find out where to buy it. On our website while -- a luxurious treat our right thank you.

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{"id":15392987,"title":"Bizarre Beauty Trends: Snake Venom, Placenta","duration":"5:27","description":"Extreme beauty secrets from Hollywood involve more than an injection of Botox.","url":"/GMA/video/bizarre-beauty-trends-snake-venom-placenta-15392987","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}