Black Friday Sales Secrets

Holiday Shopping tips from the "Money Saving Queen" Sarah Roe.
4:44 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Friday Sales Secrets
I am Tory Johnson the holiday shopping season is -- -- -- -- means. Deals are everywhere you luck. To get us ready for Black Friday spending we've got some money saving -- -- -- here to give us her very best advice hates Arab. Hey how are you -- I'm -- you've got some very simple steps that have the ability to save -- a whole lot of money to help us create. A really great dean plan for shopping on Black Friday and the first thing I used today that we have to now is our prices. Absolutely that is so important -- a lot of people can be fooled by the marketing -- Black Friday. You have to know -- -- actual retail prices. And also what a regular sale price says and then maybe can figure out OK hey there's a great deal going on I need to go out there. There's a couple of web sites that I actually used for this. The first what is called price grabber dot com. And you can simply type -- whatever is on your Christmas list and you'll -- store after store all the different prices that are available right now. And another one is slash products same concept as price grabber. And this actually help you just get that range of what a normal prices for -- -- so when you see those Black Friday ads you know it's worth -- out of bed for. Exactly IRA and then in terms of getting out of bed you say that's what we got to focus on planning our attack. You got it now so many stores are -- leaking out those Black Friday ads and it's really important to check those out. I've been posting a -- money saving queen dot com left and right there's a couple of other web site that I use as well. What is called got to deal dot com. And any other one -- Black Friday dot impact and both of those are leaking out the sale ads and if you know what those ads are ya gonna know which store to get to what time to be there. And again you can compare prices to figure out which one is best and which -- cells at the lowest price what it is that you're looking for. Exactly that's the whole point all right and that of course coupons coupons are -- -- -- You got -- -- I'm all about coupons and a lot of people think that they cannot use coupons -- Black Friday but that's not the case. I need to -- really is gets here store's web -- maybe it's calls maybe its target. Sign up for the newsletters right -- any of those newsletters will send you coupons on a regular basis and those could be used on Black Friday. And also social media all of these stores on FaceBook and Twitter so be sure to get on there as well and you know I tell people to set up a separate email account -- -- coupons so it doesn't flood your inbox that work every single day you got a great coupon account when you get home from -- you can -- it check it -- and CB get your coupons. All right you -- Asked to understand store policies -- only how we figure this out wise it's important. Okay this is really important because a lot stores a price matching the season including Black Friday. Stores like Wal-Mart Lowe's and home people all offer competitor pricing so that might mean one stop shopping for -- -- City -- -- your competitor adds to that store you might get all of your deals right then. However you have to call your store before you go -- make sure there -- offering this on Black Friday itself. Now again many stores are offering lay away and price adjustments as well lots of different policies out there. But some do change them specifically for Black Friday so I always tell people you -- -- the local store that you plan on going to first. Make sure there's no changes that you may and that figure -- price matches with one stop shopping. And I think also really plays -- -- -- your final point which is about going online because a lot of times one website advertises a product at at an amazing price but then you're gonna pay shipping and another web -- perhaps has the same exact product for -- more expensive but free shipping so you wind up saving a lot of money so that really speaks to knowing the policies and then also to your last point about going -- line. You got it and the cool thing about online and I love Black Friday online shopping. Many of these stores will put their deals at Thanksgiving Day so make sure you know after you get down with a Turkey get online check your favorite store Selig does deal they're gonna start coming out. You may not have to go to the -- itself -- we have found store after store like best buy. Putting amazing deals online where instead of camping out and spending all night outside you can actually just a couple of clicks -- get the -- And of course -- -- offer coupon codes and free shipping. I mean you might really be able to -- your savings online rather than going -- star. And I'm waiting Max raising scene in the -- I don't hectic as it does our rights act thank you so much for so much great information.

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{"id":14998776,"title":"Black Friday Sales Secrets","duration":"4:44","description":"Holiday Shopping tips from the \"Money Saving Queen\" Sarah Roe. ","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-sales-secrets-holiday-shopping-tips-14998776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}