Black Friday's Best Deals: Big Screen TVs

Becky Worley reports on what the best deals you can find on Black Friday.
1:51 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Black Friday's Best Deals: Big Screen TVs
All morning long we will be bringing you the best deals in America right now -- -- -- -- -- every sale there is to how about Eric. And she's live now from best buy in San Francisco Becky what are you finding the best deal to be at this hour. Good morning Larry you can see that shoppers are out in force there -- about 500 people who came -- the doors this morning some waiting 31 caller's. And it is all about TV is here at best buy that deals that are still here first shoppers. Are really about bargain brand 32 injures this one is the -- -- its retailing for 229. And then the big story is the big screen TV you're gonna find these in stock brand names. 55 -- this is -- 100000 dollars here at best buy and some of the other stores have them also now apple has also announced their deals. About 10% off of Mac -- ipads. -- -- and here's a protest if you buy one thing today. It's should be iTunes gift cards and that's because they are about 20% not to get a hundred dollar -- for eighty dollars your best five. Or also at Sam's Club now one thing from Amazon and everybody has to have on sale it is. A remote controlled -- oh yes 31 dollars from 49 you know you want -- -- I don't you want. I you know I have to tell you I have -- children -- They have both requested the -- swimmer -- that's useful information. Back -- -- ask you question now. Is -- frenzy justified and that I think there's a feeling people have I gotta get there because otherwise the best stuff will be gone are you are you feeling that's true. But it depends on the product for TVs were actually -- -- see prices go down as we get closer to holidays. And then it's case by case you've got to scour those deals Lara all right well I guess I have to shop. -- this opportunity.

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{"id":15026955,"title":"Black Friday's Best Deals: Big Screen TVs","duration":"1:51","description":"Becky Worley reports on what the best deals you can find on Black Friday.","url":"/GMA/video/black-fridays-best-deals-big-screen-tvs-15026955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}