Blais' Liquid Nitrogen Mango Sorbet Margaritas

"Top Chef: All Stars" winner prepares his mango sorbet using liquid nitrogen.
3:35 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blais' Liquid Nitrogen Mango Sorbet Margaritas
Faxon who doesn't love top knowing. It's one of the best next week in any house and this morning we have -- -- take. I'll talk and -- from a truly innovative chefs and and under the program and a good friend Richard blaze is here winner of top chef all stars and host of the upcoming cooking channel special. Reinventing the -- yes I want to get to that in just seconds but. I feel like exits and walk. Exactly that -- What system we have some liquid nitrogen rights or reinventing you know we're reinventing taco nine so a heart healthy top and I really really healthy delicious food so. What better way to start off your taco night with a beverage. Right so this is are non alcoholic Margarita look at all right but you get those articulate their if you wanted to have that sort of device that's franchise and of course it's a liquid nitrogen -- has passed away without its underside -- come right here is that he can -- this. But there's no immediate -- you you're you know mystical but I left it at those gloves on you got to put these gloves on and I want you don't have to look yeah Mia Davis tonight I can handle it a little bit with my hand is that right. You know I I don't condone using this is like -- -- like don't do that and that's what gives us talk sort of like not just doesn't let's look at its -- -- to get -- right -- where guys are not helpful -- We're making judgments and if it costs almost sodium -- -- you guys that we're gonna do it and got to go up to -- gonna do it look at let's pick up this side teapot here. I just gonna pour the liquid nitrogen into the next to. I think tonight because of some help from local candidates didn't network -- -- good pick all of the minutes here and got -- admitted I don't know. Again don't be afraid jobs -- -- I had -- they don't have to exercise that didn't so you know I've got that's sort of like. You feel good according -- all and -- hopeful this. He's got incredible spot and I think about it have no smoking should be fun I. Today we got -- got -- liquid night in the and that's get a -- this event like a sword they texture -- -- I really can't see where to put this event is putting down. -- -- -- that that's getting the way over -- and everything in this one -- I don't know over you know what yeah that's -- actually going to be. God -- it's all about working on the I really didn't really yeah. That's something not you know it's all gone in the same place -- -- that's fine. It's not -- -- -- adapt exactly -- over here are the harder it is got to have regular. The us more noble -- in the house -- aren't -- yeah. Those of them a letter -- the all of us today here at night so low sodium BA here that's gonna have a lot of veggies and this is not a heart healthy top and I. And that's you know sort of you know acts of debt the details and you got a sneak in some veggies -- -- well. We're gonna -- all of that out. Right and I think what kind of a neat parts of this stuff the recipe is the -- would you -- have a tortilla right to be -- -- -- Turkey or something but that's what we've done as we put the -- goes in heck of -- which the vegetable right. So tendulkar and sort of bond chocolate bar in the camps and others who simply just doing this on -- give -- -- avenue restaurant and a new cookbook coming up Tulsa -- guess seventy restaurant that's going to be -- called dispensers in the first week of April in Atlanta customers sort of like modern brasserie. Cooking channel premiere for reinventing the -- April 1 cookbook coming out not next spring sales. It sits atop goes on in morning America we got absolutely it's fantastic again yet -- make a sort of -- the it's just an incredible -- -- -- vegetable it's all about fashionable out of EST at taco okay I was a little busy over here creating. And again. It's a cooking channel special. -- -- April 1 get the top course -- -- Good Morning America dot com. On Yahoo! -- great Richard --

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{"id":15885131,"title":"Blais' Liquid Nitrogen Mango Sorbet Margaritas","duration":"3:35","description":"\"Top Chef: All Stars\" winner prepares his mango sorbet using liquid nitrogen.","url":"/GMA/video/blais-liquid-nitrogen-mango-sorbet-margaritas-15885131","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}