Blake Shelton named People magazine's 'sexiest man alive'

Kate Coyne, People magazine's executive editor, appears live on "GMA" to discuss how they chose this year's cover man.
2:50 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for Blake Shelton named People magazine's 'sexiest man alive'
But it is time now for the big reveal of who made "People's" sexual man alive issue. We saw Blake Shelton gracing the cover of "People" magazine's executive editor Kate Coyne is here to tell us how they chose Blake and we're always excited this time of year. So, I said in the intro how did you choose Blake Shelton? Well, no offense to Adam Levine but I would say goinging back to the Adam year he's somebody on our radar since we gave Adam the title a few years ago. Blake was a runner-up so we've had our eye on him and I think the fact that this is now Blake -- not just Blake Shelton but very much in love is pretty sexy and when you hear what he has to say about Gwen and her three boys and about himself. He's so hilarious and self-deprecating a great year to be Blake in now they both have that title. Something else to argue about on the show. Exactly. You have siblings on here. "The property brothers." The Hemsworth brothers. Oh, the Hemsworth brothers in is it in the beeps. Clearly. You got the property brother, we covered them enough they don't even look identical to me anymore. I can -- I'm an expert. I have a ph.d. In property brothers. That's drew and that's Jonathan. They're starting to change in a way where drew is more buttoned up and more he will gent and more "G.Q" and Jonathan is more rough and tumble "Men's health" and there's a flavor for everyone. Flavor for everyone, that's right. You have a new category. A new category this year called hot off the press. Yeah. A few guys that I know are on this list. Yeah, I don't know. I feel like there might even be somebody in this studio. Oh. Flavor for everyone. There he is. There he is. And all his sexy glory. Thank you, Kate. He has -- we have a lot of fun with that act. You know, this is I think a year in which the media has sort of unfairly come under fire in a lot of ways and so it's great to be able to celebrate our sexy brothers of the press. David Muir. David Muir is on there too. No, no, no. Just a few years ago. I'm good. I'm just laughing because you said our sexy brothers of the press. I love that. Kate, well, thank you for coming here and thank you for sharing all that and "People's" sexiest

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{"id":51153834,"title":"Blake Shelton named People magazine's 'sexiest man alive'","duration":"2:50","description":"Kate Coyne, People magazine's executive editor, appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss how they chose this year's cover man. ","url":"/GMA/video/blake-shelton-named-people-magazines-sexiest-man-alive-51153834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}