Blizzard Rocks the Rockies

Monster storm buries Denver in record amounts of snow.
2:48 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Blizzard Rocks the Rockies
Massive snowfall the monster blizzard burying Denver causing all kinds of -- this morning. Five states under a winter storm as this when a winter storm warning -- could say -- this beast moves east and ABC thank you send out. Is out in the thick -- -- Clayton good morning to you. Good morning to you Dan we've got portions of major interstates shut down in Colorado and Nebraska. And in Kansas and check this out even though the storm is moving out of the area we still got five inches of new snow here in Denver overnight in the system that's bringing us all this stuff is now headed east. It's the monster storm that keeps on giving him -- if there was just -- but with a win it. Covers it right back in his. Long time before -- in the battle as crews worked through the night to clear the mess caused by the single heaviest February snowstorm for Denver and 100 years. And eastern plains snow blowing sideways visibility is about zero -- very icy. After pounding Colorado with -- the five feet in some areas Nebraska Iowa and parts of Kansas are bracing for impact. Much of Denver is now -- parking lot. It's been horrible just going down the highway that 35 miles an hour I didn't in the skid. As snowplows and try to keep. There -- not essentially. Equipped to. Right you know a foot of snow on the road and so we always have sheriff's deputy Scott. In the Rocky Mountains new avalanche warnings while at the Denver airport an avalanche -- canceled flights more than 600 -- gets a little frustrating but. -- -- -- At times it was even -- to catch a bus. Now it's already snowing in Omaha and I just up the phone with the National Weather Service who tells me that by tonight Omaha could see nine inches of snow and in -- -- They could see eight inches of snow be on -- Oh boy all right Clayton thank you. In our meteorologist ginger -- -- been tracking this massive winter storm -- the question this morning where's this going next we just heard Omaha from Clayton. And it is snowing in southeastern Nebraska the heaviest right now so they will get anywhere from six to twelve inches of snow in Denver just seen the last of the flakes coming through lets -- talk about how much snow falls with the next 24 hours. Online is right there in the -- they look back toward North -- was thirty had up to a foot of snow. And they're going to get a few more inches on top of what -- to have till then the big question is where is this thing moving next well below is going to track slightly southeast. All you have -- the remaining snow here but the rest of it is really a rainmaker media little wintry mix -- coming in by tomorrow for Washington DC.

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{"id":15512398,"title":"Blizzard Rocks the Rockies","duration":"2:48","description":"Monster storm buries Denver in record amounts of snow.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-rocks-rockies-15512398","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}