Can a Blood Test Predict the Future?

Dr. Richard Besser on how medical procedure could lead to the "end of illness."
3:22 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Can a Blood Test Predict the Future?
One of the nation's leading doctors -- David -- -- has written a new book called the end of illness. It's inspired a new series here across all our ABC news programs for -- reporting a simple practical changes every person can make. To become healthier and live longer. In today's PC BC's doctor Richard best explains how a simple blood test might lead to the end of illness. What do we could find the key to making every person on this planet living longer and healthier does the word and that's when doctor -- EST Monday sports. We can look at mile markers for his. Peace is a researcher professor in cancer doctor to the stars treating patients like Lance Armstrong an apple founder Steve Jobs his new book and it illnesses challenges are helped beliefs and his goes a little granddaughter -- short circuit -- disease afford it even starts. Do you really see a path to the end of illness I do. I think that we can really delay most diseases -- -- ninth or tenth decade. Exactly who. For one thing is the biggest -- his research may change the way we look at -- treat you -- certain. Imagine a drop of blood all your doctor needs to catch an -- and even cancer in its earliest stage. It's a budding science called Prodi economics -- the study of proteins. In the name of journalism -- gave -- -- -- to have my proteins tested end here I am. It's like we're looking through a 70000 megapixel camera and my own blood proteins pisses me. This is you. We can blow -- up in this touch table well until you look at these dots these are the proteins he knew all of this -- -- All these things sparking the stars in the sky and you could touch one of them. And we could see what it is he's been discovered yet some of them we just -- -- size others we know exactly what they are. It is like starters -- It's strikingly beautiful but right now this test is in the early stages he can't tell us much yet but they -- said he did see something. These are the ones that are blinking an orange now. They came -- way higher than our normal patients and it turned out that you had a marker that you were starting to get it what we call information that speckled. -- this was days before there was a kicker here's something was going on and -- able to pick it out here. -- The -- Isn't just technology. Begins once just to change the way -- live. All the there's some of his ideas will be hard to pull off high heels and you'll have to give them -- their pain and swelling caused contribute to chronic inflammation in the body. Which is linked to disease sore feet. Leads to heart disease no question -- -- inflammation inside your body can happen anywhere he can happen for wearing shoes it can happen from repeated head injuries is a football player. You name it can cause inflammation from. We -- your meals and -- times and said Sherlock. Eighty cents a schedule is another key to speeding up disease this -- time for everything good and no napping with what about spontaneity. Not good for your health. There are plenty of other ways to be spontaneous and -- meal times and when you sleep but if you really trend -- eating the same time every day it's going to be a lot healthier. But can get the world to take his advice and -- get medicine to stop business as usual. You have to be instead of just reacting to disease -- can preventing.

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{"id":15377479,"title":"Can a Blood Test Predict the Future?","duration":"3:22","description":"Dr. Richard Besser on how medical procedure could lead to the \"end of illness.\"","url":"/GMA/video/blood-test-predict-future-15377479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}