Bobby Jindal: 'We're All Frustrated With What's Going on in D.C.'

Louisiana governor says lack of leadership in Washington to blame for shutdown.
5:02 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Bobby Jindal: 'We're All Frustrated With What's Going on in D.C.'
Hello welcome to a special edition of politics confidential -- Jonathan Karl I'm joined by ABC news political director Rick Klein our special guest. Is Bobby Jindal the governor of the great state of Louisiana chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Governor want to start right here in Washington. Do you approve of the tactics that your party is using -- -- you know. Refusing to reopen the government of threatening -- fault unless there is a change my health care law Ahmad interest and Republican fratricide he got Republicans criticizing each other fighting each other are not interested in in getting trapped in micromanaging their tactics I will say this. Obamacare is bad policy forget the political considerations that it's a lot that needs to be repealed understating it like the -- -- anyone repeal replace what what I'm. Asking is viewer in washing right now the government is shut down we are two weeks away from a default. I do have a problem with that -- mean it and and Republican leadership can change that tomorrow. I think we have with a couple of. Well I think the president's leadership could change at 200 he driver problem the government China absolutely driver problem with the fact that the -- talk about potentially defaulting short -- several follow the fact. We don't see leadership by the White House CS time -- golf has time to negotiate a -- -- Doesn't have time to negotiate and talk to the congressional leadership doesn't have time to find common ground that's a real leaders -- So how much though is this Republican fratricide as you put it hurting the Republican brand nationally as a filter down at the states to see. A dysfunctional congress one half of which at least is controlled by Republicans. In DC there's a lot of talk the real actions of the state level Republican governor for -- conservative principles. That contrast is in DC they talk about things in state capitals were actually getting things done. Today you've agreed to of the Republican leadership here in Washington and how would you as a former house you -- what I don't even you're getting and you know these guys do you mean. What he's doing great ABC yeah I'm not -- political fund I know that it's tempting to try to get Republicans to attack each of our will say this. I think like every other American were all frustrated rose one on DC we -- every work together to. Take on the real issues you've got a house it's only past five appropriations bills the senate and had approach pass -- you've got the sense that but does one budget bill approximately every five years. That's not leadership so when you talk about the future of the party in your highlighting some any of these governors -- the next Republican nominee have to be governor. I think you'd be best if it wore one of our criticisms of pres Obama was that. He needed on the job training. He had run anything before his -- to present an -- states it's too important job -- chief executives make better presidents and I think governor's been tested and proven solutions the next nominee be somebody -- Experience in the executive branch somebody maybe -- congress for three or so years. And somebody from a from a state like Louisiana what else you tigers maybe they're not at all what I think it's too early for anybody to be think about 2016 we got to governor's race especially at a little bit about -- 36 races next -- got thirty erases. The honest answer you know people ask me but I don't know about my home plans about 2016 -- it's too early for anybody to be thinking about that -- -- races and New Jersey Virginia this year to look at Arkansas and Illinois and Connecticut Colorado. New Hampshire Massachusetts gets a great pick up opportunities for -- lower the unemployment rate four points and Florida. You what goes on and Ohio Pennsylvania creating hundreds tens of thousands of jobs and he said 1000 jobs -- a bricks not a right to work laws in Michigan if you look at -- tenure reforms in Tennessee. And -- you look at South Carolina. One of the fastest growing economies on the East Coast thanks to Nikki Haley you've got Republican governor's strong real results strong conservative principles work. And on this debt ceiling question you. Do you believe that that's -- needs to be raised me that we shot over the I think the president needs to show real but the real issue is a simple question area one of these that says don't raise it -- -- you think that what I don't think anybody wants a government shutdown -- -- -- wants that the government it to stop paying its bills but. The relish is not the debts in the real issue is the debt -- I think the last issue by October 17 -- that he raised. Our audience talking to fix the debt and to look into debt the debt -- the debt -- we need structural reforms if you just raising don't address the underlying cause you just treat the symptoms will be an exact same place. We were here to two years ago will be here again in the exact same place. Why not say we need -- mouse -- and the constitution why not say a supermajority vote we raise taxes while not a supermajority vote before you grow the government -- of an economic and population -- inside it's a week why don't you went on term limits -- -- win. This present now been an office this is a second from -- the initial leadership if all we do is kick the can down the road we did that two years ago we were told two years ago. Just just raise the debt ceiling just just get the government -- will address those issues -- that date hasn't happened. This present was elected he -- to change the tone in DC -- take on the big problems he's not doing that. That's when -- to happen. All right governor Bobby Jindal thanks for coming to Washington and talking to us I really appreciate and that's it for politics confidential for ABC news and Yahoo! News for my friend Rick Klein I'm Jonathan Karl. You can follow me all week long on Twitter at John Karl at Rick Klein on at -- Thank you -- Washington.

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{"id":20478169,"title":"Bobby Jindal: 'We're All Frustrated With What's Going on in D.C.'","duration":"5:02","description":"Louisiana governor says lack of leadership in Washington to blame for shutdown.","url":"/GMA/video/bobby-jindal-frustrated-dc-20478169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}