NYPD Puts on Show of Force, Celtics Game Nixed Amid Bombings

Agencies across U.S. heighten security following deadly bombing at Boston Marathon.
3:00 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for NYPD Puts on Show of Force, Celtics Game Nixed Amid Bombings
-- -- cities in the country on high alert including New York City ends up in Times Square right now. -- the morning guys you know it's been nearly twelve years since September 11 and since then US officials have foiled a number of attempted attacks on American soil. Now Monday's bombings have set the entire nation on edge and put us all once again. On high alert especially here in times -- -- right here at ABC's Dan Harris joins us now with the very latest on that. Dan good morning Amy it's hard to miss the signs of increased security here in New York it's on the streets behind -- sits down in the subways and -- -- after 9/11 there was all this talk about a new normal. This morning questions about whether these attacks in Boston will create yet another. New normal. From the moment those bombs went off America's sense of security was once again shattered overnight large public events canceled including tonight's Boston Celtics game. Security has been heightened from Los Angeles at the airport in the Dodgers game. To Washington DC where the Secret Service shut down Pennsylvania Avenue which runs by the White House to Las Vegas to nuclear power plants across the country. Two New York City where the NYPD mounted a conspicuous show of force throughout the city race. They backed the times. About twelve years ago here in New York for 9/11 and kind of you know revisit some of those films again of. Course you gonna have heightened security in particular around the United States it anyplace where there are large numbers of people like airports sporting events and special events. You're gonna see more presence of law enforcement and you're gonna see more bags searched and probably more. A bomb sniffing dogs at these locations. American families are waking up this morning worried about whether something like what happened in Boston could happen in -- town. Just as after Newtown parents wanting to know are their kids safe and should they attend public events. After 9/11 America acclimated to a quote unquote new normal one that is still witness in the form of all that security at the airports. But will the Boston bombings bring major permanent crackdowns and security measures. Super Bowl size protection for every sporting event in the country could America be moving in the direction of say Israel. Well it's not realistic to lock down the United States this is a large country. We have freedom to -- at a number of locations. We have every day and a large number of big events whether they be sporting events or something else. And so as a result -- I think you will see -- The security. So navy -- may be no major permanent changes in this country but. For now at least definitely increased vigilance and not just here in the United States also overseas in London right now this morning. In fact they are reassessing their security plans for the London marathon the biggest in the world -- taking a look at how to keep those renters say. This -- some listeners and wearing green ribbons in honor of the victims off.

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{"id":18967919,"title":"NYPD Puts on Show of Force, Celtics Game Nixed Amid Bombings","duration":"3:00","description":"Agencies across U.S. heighten security following deadly bombing at Boston Marathon.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombings-heighten-security-terror-alert-nypd-18967919","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}