Bowe Bergdahl Freed From Taliban After 5 Years in Captivity

U.S. officials trade multiple Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo for Army sergeant.
6:27 | 06/01/14

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Transcript for Bowe Bergdahl Freed From Taliban After 5 Years in Captivity
Hey, good morning, America. Bowe bergdahl is now safely out of Afghanistan after five long years. Hours ago, he landed at a U.S. Military base in Germany. Unclear where he'll reunite with his parents. Who appeared with the president in the rose garden. After learning their son is finally free. Meanwhile thousands of miles away in bergdahl's hometown, they're getting ready to welcome him back. A town that never gave up hope that he'll come back. Social media abuzz over the list. Bowe bergdahl number one trending. Team coverage of what is a developing story. We start with ABC news chief global correspondent Martha Raddatz who's in Washington. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. A dramatic rescue, five years in the making, all carefully orchestrated with bergdahl's captors. This morning, speaking from Afghanistan, defense secretary chuck Hagel said that sergeant Bowe bergdahl's health was deteriorating and his life might have been in jeopardy. The army sergeant was released by his Taliban captors after five years. In a prison swap. One American citizen for five Afghan Taliban, being held at the guantanamo bay military prison in Cuba for over a decade. The president speaking about the end of bergdahl's captivity, alongside his parents, in the white house rose garden. He wasn't forgotten by his community in Idaho and his country. Reporter: Bergdahl was picked up by U.S. Special operation forces from his captors on Saturday, not a single shot fired, the noise from the helicopter so loud he was handed a pen to scribble sf? For special forces. The soldiers yelling back, yes. Adding, we have been looking for you for a long time. Recovered along the border with Pakistan, defense sources tell ABC news overnight, bergdahl was en route from bagram air force base to Germany where he'll undergo evaluation and treatment. According to the defense department, then private first class bergdahl was abducted in July 2009 after going missing from his post at a U.S. Base in after began Stan, since his disappearance rumors have surrounded the way he left the base. Very unnerving to be a prisoner. Reporter: The Taliban quickly claimed credit for the abduction. In early videos, bergdahl was shown answering questions and eating. As you can see I'm strong and physically fit. Reporter: But it's four long years since the last video was released, showing the toil of years in iz lags. Every day I want to go home. The pain in my heart to see my family again, doesn't get any smaller. Get me -- release me. Please, I'm begging you. Bring me home. Reporter: And while everyone is happy that bergdahl is safe, the administration is already being criticized with congressman Mike Rogers saying, I'm extremely troubled that the United States negotiated with terrorists, I believe this decision will threat on the lives of American soldiers for years to come. Dan and bianna. This deal remains controversial. Martha, secretary Hagel when he spoke to reporters, he ducked a question on this, is bergdahl likely to face some punishment if it's proven that he deserted here? They'll look at the circumstances of his disappearance and captivity. I imagine if he deserted, they'll look at his mental health at the time that happened and certainly five years in captivity is a long time to be held no matter what happened. This prisoner swap, what does history tell us about releasing prisoners from gitmo, do they return to their job of trying to fight us? They certainly have in the past, Dan, not everyone, but there's certainly a record of going back to terrorism or going back to the Taliban or whoever they started out. They'll be carefully watched in Qatar for years. The United States will try to keep an eye on them as well. But that's part of the controversy this morning as well, Dan. Dan, thanks. Meantime, this morning, we're learning more about the detainee swaps. Five top Taliban leaders at the prison and Muhammad Lila has more from Islamabad, Pakistan. Reporter: Good morning. Of course, this is where officials believe that sergeant bergdahl spent most of his captivity. His release came at a high price. Five Taliban leaders, all of them, are now free. The biggest name among them Mohammad fazl, a U.S. Army once declared him high risk. Another of the detainees, Abdul Haq wasiq has direct access. All five detainees are in Qatar, the tiny middle east nation that helped brokered this deal. They face a travel ban. Already president Obama is facing heavy criticism from republicans who accuse him of violating a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Once this travel ban is lifted they can go back to endangering more lives. Murmd, thank you. As we mentioned earlier, the release of sergeant bergdahl has been ongoing crusade of his

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{"id":23946465,"title":"Bowe Bergdahl Freed From Taliban After 5 Years in Captivity","duration":"6:27","description":"U.S. officials trade multiple Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo for Army sergeant.","url":"/GMA/video/bowe-bergdahl-freed-taliban-years-captivity-23946465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}