'Bucket List Bandit' Caught at Routine Traffic Stop

FBI reports that they have the serial bank robber in custody.
3:00 | 09/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bucket List Bandit' Caught at Routine Traffic Stop
Now, to a wild cross-country bank robbery spree. This man telling people he only has four months to live. And he's finishing out his days by robbing banks. He hit banks in nine states as he travels the country. And is being called the bucket list bandit. But now, there's a new twist to the story. And ron is back with those details. The fbi says the bucket list bandit is the busted bucket list former bandit. He pulled off the bank jobs spanning thousands of miles. After a routine traffic stop. When michael brewster was pulled over for running a stop sign on the border of arkansas and oklahoma, little did police know that this 54-year-old florida man was suspected by the fbi of being the bucket list bandit. Investigators say he earned the nickname, after three months of robbing banks, telling bank tellers he had a gun and four months to live. Was this guy really terminally ill? Or was he just trying to be a mastermind? Reporter: According to investigators, brewster never said just what he was supposedly dying of or why he needed the money. But his former landlord tells abc news, that brewster was evicted from his pensacola APARTMENT ON JUNE 14th. Seven days later, the fbi says he showed up in this stolen suv in arvada, colorado. And was in a spree of bank robberies that would crisscross the nation. He committed a total of ten bank robberies is a little startling. And the fact he got away with these crimes is even more startling. Reporter: Ten banks, one outfit. And 85 days later, the fbi still didn't have their man. On tuesday, the feds launched an all-out digital assault. Plastering the allegedly dying man's face on billboards, posters, tv stations and online. The next day, a tipster called with his name. If he is who police say he is, this monday morning erie, pennsylvania, bank robbery may be his last. Robbers normally rob banks while roaming the country is very unusual, out of the ordinary. And the question everyone wants to know the answer to, you just asked me, bianna. Was this guy allegedly really dying? He hasn't told anyone yet. So, we don't know. Looking for sympathy, though. Ron, thank you.

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{"id":17243649,"title":"'Bucket List Bandit' Caught at Routine Traffic Stop","duration":"3:00","description":"FBI reports that they have the serial bank robber in custody.","url":"/GMA/video/bucket-list-bandit-caught-routine-traffic-stop-17243649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}