Build a Home Gym for Less Than $50

Harley Pasternak has a few exercises to help you stay fit and save money.
3:45 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Build a Home Gym for Less Than $50
New year new you working out more and getting in shape is a top resolution. Among many of us and also saving money so celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak from. The new ABC daytime show the revolution is here with how to build a gym in your home for under fifty dollars total. Really amazing also some more easy work out. Texas can be done these days everyone's watching their dollars yeah and they get frustrated because January 1 comes -- -- they join a health club. He's been -- 800 dollars whatever to write an -- fifteen months right and they go twice a year and so that are gathered at home less excuses you have time it's in your basement it's in your living room wherever it is -- -- -- for fifty don't ever. The lawmakers do it because I have to admit I think a lot of people out there have the stock were pieces -- it. So you can give us easy workout tips along the way bud but let's let's start with with their most important thing he -- -- jumper. Partly why loved -- -- the jumper with something that you can wrapped and you can you ever you don't need a lot of space this happens to be born with weekends but here is the best part about jumping -- ready. I'm putting a jump -- down -- now jumping rope without erupt. -- even if you don't have or else. -- -- take up their heels -- -- left to right thing get creative. The -- is -- you don't have a -- don't worry so you can do without having that's free you got everybody out let's just say in my normally a -- would be this is two dollars and 57 cents all right we cannot meet -- right how great is that so -- -- -- Company that. -- all right so another important thing that we can get for our hometown -- yes. Starts at what he -- dumb bells I think we should do the inflatable -- oh inflatable exercise no OK and what can we do so -- appeared. What's great about an exercise ball is that if you put it down -- -- all over and I think that's what your body has to contend with -- your muscles -- stopping the ball from rolling around. You -- your -- you can you exercise is lying down on this offense can write you up to 200 dollars -- this we're talking fifteen dollars. If you do abdominal on this you can you shoulders back legs. Every meeting -- -- we can do a simple ball crunch laid back hands behind your head and just crunching up and down up and down like business. We're not that easy a look at these apps. Do you have lots -- lots. The GM may happen. -- -- -- have I think adjusted about right he's making these make amazing chairs I think all the -- -- need to lose their chairs and the alcohol. Winning today I love that iodine are right so coming up more toughness and not a lot of time -- -- umbrella let's -- dumb -- for a second. Don't go there right betraying your entire body just -- that house. You can get a -- Mel for eight dollars each Tom you can -- every single day every single muscle group. You can use your kids can use your husband music everyone in the family can sheriff's of them and you you really Saddam -- -- like the single most important thing you can only buy one thing that comes alcohol army bend over right now we can do hamstring might push your -- -- -- back right. Stick your butt out everyone there I'm trying to yeah luck sorry next to me -- There aren't any kind of back rose for posture are -- -- things that are going to be teaching us on the run on the revolution and -- teacher was small tips that make a big difference in your life. -- little thing like this building on their -- look. Let me and I just for kids anymore -- want them back -- We'll -- happens -- update this includes nine dollars -- what a great way to get your sweat going. -- -- Well when I went home.

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{"id":15304310,"title":"Build a Home Gym for Less Than $50","duration":"3:45","description":"Harley Pasternak has a few exercises to help you stay fit and save money. ","url":"/GMA/video/build-home-gym-50-15304310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}