'The Bully Project' Fights 'R' Rating

Movie follows bullied students and the drastic measures they take to end pain.
2:26 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bully Project' Fights 'R' Rating
A controversial new movie. About the bullying epidemic is making headlines at the appropriate when we have so many teens that are here in Times Square with us today it's called bully. And follows children tormented by their classmates sometimes so severely that they take drastic measures to stop the pain. Nightline co anchor Terry Moran -- a closer look. It is a powerful new film focused on bullying and how to prevent it. Garnering attention from major celebrities like Merrill Streep who -- screening last night I hope this film will. Give. Encouragement to the kids who are being. -- -- And Kelly Ripa who is passionate about this is it admiralty each -- should be mandatory viewing for -- kids -- -- middle school. It's called bully and it opens an astonishing window into the lives of the nearly thirteen million American kids. Who -- relentlessly taunted and sometimes physically attacked in our schools every year like Alex Libby was. This many people out there and just like me. Alex's story isn't the heart of the movie and sometimes it is hard to. The movie is touched a nerve for so many people but -- -- of six instances of profanity -- could get an. Meaning millions of kids who could see it and benefit from it. -- And so 425000. People including Justin Bieber Johnny Depp Demi Lovato. NFL quarterback Drew Brees they've signed an online petition to get dumb movie rated PG thirteen some -- it's time has come. You've really started something we were made of lots of us Lee Hirsch the director of bully was a victim himself as a kid and he hopes this movie can be a call to action this generation of -- will be the generation because we preventable way. We did it. And Alex Libby now fifteen and doing great will help lead the way there is hope out there and I can still make a difference. He does get credit for Good Morning America Terry Moran ABC news New York. And they need to know what. Does get better and you can see more tonight on Nightline and had a Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! now. -- -- bullying and cyber -- we sources.

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{"id":15969441,"title":"'The Bully Project' Fights 'R' Rating","duration":"2:26","description":"Movie follows bullied students and the drastic measures they take to end pain.","url":"/GMA/video/bully-project-film-fights-rating-teens-15969441","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}