California Arson: No Fires Since Arrest

Police believe they have Los Angeles' most prolific arsonist in custody.
2:30 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Arson: No Fires Since Arrest
-- Begin with a story that really paralyzed the city of Los Angeles over the weekend new details breaking overnight. In the Los Angeles arson attacks new information coming to light now about the mother of the man whose. Accused of terrorizing the city sending more than fifty fires in the 72 hour period we've learned that the man who captured the suspect. Does police work only in his spare time much to get to here so let's ABC's David -- now joins us from Los Angeles this morning with the very latest good morning to you David. Good morning Josh authorities believe the most prolific -- is this city has ever seen is now behind bars and perhaps that the best clue that they caught the right man there'd been no new arson fires since they put him in -- cuts. Authorities are calling him the most dangerous arsonist in LA -- 44 year old Harry Burkhardt Hollywood. Betrayed by his pony tail and his Canadian license plates. -- long four -- nightmares over the big break from a rookie reserve sheriff's deputy in his courtship that struck. As soon as -- put on my lights and initiated a traffic south of the suspect vehicle. I had and LAPD vehicle behind me deputy -- -- Lazare spotted a mini van with British Columbia plates matching the description of -- vehicles seen. Flyers -- assembled a person of interest. Seen that videotape the grainy security footage from parking garage set on fire -- a man and a pony tail to. Investigators tell ABC news the suspect has a beef with US immigration authorities -- trying to support his mother to Germany. One possible reason. ABC news has learned the mother's address and phone number and that of the suspects appear to be linked to this erotic web site. Hollywood tantrum massage dot com. Of course to the -- -- victims nothing can justify what he did to them. Whatever his personal issues are. He simply taking them out on innocent people. That's Carole Chandler her car was one of dozens torched by the arsonist. And here's the creepy as part she told us. That she live so close to the suspect that from her bedroom she can actually see into the suspect's living room window. And a last night she watched as investigators pored over the place for clues Josh incredibly disturbing thank you.

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{"id":15278222,"title":"California Arson: No Fires Since Arrest","duration":"2:30","description":"Police believe they have Los Angeles' most prolific arsonist in custody.","url":"/GMA/video/california-arson-fires-arrest-15278222","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}