California High School 'Prom Draft' Draws Critics

Male students at Corona del Mar High School ranked their potential dates.
1:02 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California High School 'Prom Draft' Draws Critics
As if prom season wasn't dramatic enough some kids at a California high school have brought things to a new level. Some boys at Corona Del Mar high -- ranking possible dates. And then holding an NFL's -- draft to choose their -- partner. It's just terrible. I mean when someone wants to. Treats a -- as if they were exist somebody to throw around I know that our schools not like that. Some of the people out of school of -- -- and they can't for the -- and. Some of the draft results were posted on a Twitter account which was later deactivated. One student says everyone taking part. Was aware of the stunt. I don't think it's -- that -- of the deal. They had just feel -- it's mostly people that means they're gonna be in it if they don't want to go to problem that same person that I have to it's not like they're forcing anything about it. The principal of the school sent a letter to parents saying she would hate to have to -- prom because of the negative actions of just a few. For now -- -- the party will go on.

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{"id":23627493,"title":"California High School 'Prom Draft' Draws Critics","duration":"1:02","description":"Male students at Corona del Mar High School ranked their potential dates.","url":"/GMA/video/california-high-school-prom-draft-draws-critics-23627493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}