Cancer Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison Her Lover

Woman allegedly slipped something into the coffee of fellow co-worker and boyfriend.
2:32 | 06/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cancer Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison Her Lover
A female cancer doctor at one of the press tijs you medical sins constitutions in this country accused of trying to poison a fellow doctor, also said to be her lover. Abc's gio benitez is on the story. Reporter: We're talking about a chemical used in antifreeze. Both doctors spent 20 years working in medicine. Now one is under investigation. And the other is telling police about his close call with life. Ana maria gonzalez-argulo is accused of poisoning a fellow doctor. The two doctors had a casual sexual relationship. Both working for md anderson cancer center. She was profielded by the susan g.Komen institute. Police say it was here at her home in january, where she gave she gave him not one but two cups of coffee laced with ethelyne, glie koll, an ingredient of antifreeze. She allegedly told him that it was just splend ya. Within hours, he said that he was rushing to the hospital with slurred piece and poor balance. What would have caused in such a highly respected position to work so hard for what she has to snap, I think that's going to have a lot to do how the case basically unfolds in course. Reporter: An attorney for gonzalez-argulo said, goat, she's completely innocent. He added police jumped the gun. Police say it's available at that cancer hospital. And remember, blumenschein mentioned that sweet flavor. It does sweet. Gonzalez-angulo faces aggravated assault charges. Parents called me yesterday, everyone in houston this is what they're focused on. Let's go back to ron for a look at the other stories making news this morning. Good morning, everyone. In the news, a new photo showing

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{"id":19358533,"title":"Cancer Doctor Accused of Trying to Poison Her Lover","duration":"2:32","description":"Woman allegedly slipped something into the coffee of fellow co-worker and boyfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/cancer-doctor-accused-poison-lover-19358533","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}