Car Harnesses for Pets: Are They Safe?

The Center for Pet Safety puts to the test products promising to keep your pet safe while traveling.
3:23 | 04/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Car Harnesses for Pets: Are They Safe?
And we are back with "Gma" investigates. Should you do it? This morning, the popular pet harnesses that so many people use when driving with their dogs. Now, though, some may not be providing the protection you expect. And ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with more on this. Mara, do explain. Reporter: It was estimated that 84% of dog owners drive with their pooch. And lots of pet owners products promise to keep their pet safe while traveling. One organization is putting those claims to the test. Dogs, our best friends and travel buddies. To keep them safe while riding shotgun, many travel experts recommend things like harnesses and crates. So, should you do it? "Gma" investigates has learned those so-called safety products may not provide all the protection they claim. While many manufacturers claim to test their products, there are currently no uniform performance standards for pet travel safety products. In a first of its kind study, the center for pet safety, in partnership with subaru of America, have been testing dog harnesses. And the results are downright scary. There's no guarantee that the product is going to hold up in an accident. Reporter: At the same facility used by the department of transportation, they tested several popular dog harnesses, using a specially designed weighted test dogs. With a collision at 60 miles per hour, and only two brands provided adequate protection. Many of the others resulted in, quote, catastrophic file you're. One tears. One breaks. And one comes off completely, sending the test dog through the air. They thought their dog was safe when strapped to back. But last October, Eugene was broadsided and the attachment failed. Mojo suffered a devastating injury. He was so helpless. He was laying in the crate and couldn't do anything. Reporter: But cps says it's not just harnesses that fail. This never-before-scene video obtained exclusively by "Gma" investigates, shows cps' crash tests of a wired dog crate. In a statement, the American pet products stated they don't have a formal position on the report. But will improve the effort for pet safety. As for mojo, he's getting his back. His paralysis turned out to be temporary. And he's learning how to walk again with physical therapy twice a week. But emotionally, they are still healing. I was angry because you start out with the intent to get something to make your pet safe. Reporter: Should you or shouldn't you? Well, surprisingly cps says the answer is you should. Restraining your dog in the car keeps them from becoming a heavy projectile in an accident, which is key to protecting human passengers. A lot of improvements needed when it comes to animal safety. And the top performer in that test, was the sleepy pod utility. That's the one that provided adequate protection. These are family members. The pets are like family for so many of us. Coming up here, it's not just Kate's friend.

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{"id":23270287,"title":"Car Harnesses for Pets: Are They Safe?","duration":"3:23","description":"The Center for Pet Safety puts to the test products promising to keep your pet safe while traveling.","url":"/GMA/video/car-harnesses-pets-safe-23270287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}