Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Shares Delicious Dishes and New Cookbook

Chef Carla Hall shares her first cookbook, "Cooking with Love," on 'GMA'
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Shares Delicious Dishes and New Cookbook
It's always so very nice to have our friend, carla hall, here from "the chew," to get our day started. Also, some big news this morning. Congratulations to carla. You hogs over here. Her first cookbook, "cooking with love," on sale now. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. I want to get to the food first. Tell us about the book. It's sort of a food journal of my life. Sunday suppers with my grandmother. Catering, when I was modeling. You get to see my life through food. And there's tips, catering by carla. As a fan, dating back to "top chef," I love. It's a big, big part of your world. I want to hug you. It's so good. Almost as good as that hug. What are we cooking here? We're cooking a rustic mushroom tart. This is going to be our base. Ricotta cheese, and goat cheese. Your cheeses -- you can pick your cheeses. Don't send me an e-mail saying i don't like goat cheese. You mix that up. You have a little bit of rosemary, pepper and some salt. You mix all that up. You get a really hot pan. You're going to use shiitakes, button mushrooms. We need a little bit of oil. I didn't want to say, carla. You didn't want to say. Don't set me up. Some butter. We like the taste of the butter. We want to raise the flash point. Look at you. Go ahead. Your mushrooms going. You have to fake it like i know how to put on the shake. And leeks. And then, some garlic. The garlic goes in there. That gets nice and colorful. The thing is, when you're cooking mushrooms, don't start shaking the pan and up here because there's no heat. You want them to be down and get the favor to intensify. You cook them until this point? Until it's ready. I have my pastry. And the pastries is just a sandwich pastry. It's a really good recipe. Take the cheese mixture. And spread it out like a pizza. But leave a two-inch border. There's math? I didn't realize there was math. Here we go. Here we what can go wrong? Nothing can go wrong here. Get over here. That's not two inches. It's so flaky and delicious. Unbelievable. You know when it's good? When it's quiet down there. Everybody's eating. Let's pretend like it's all spread. You did well. You did well. So, spread that. Do I get to fold it? You get to fold it. You're going to fold it like this. Look at you. You are awesome. Yeah, yeah. This cooks on a sheet pan with parchment paper for about 20 minutes. Beautiful. And then, we finish with a little bit of lemon. The lemon zest. It offers the brightness. And potatoes, onions, rutabaga. That's it. There's wonderful heartwarming recipes. I love this. You can see, there's a giant dent. Is that you? Uh-huh. As easy to make as this was. As easy to make. Fantastic, again. Gang, what do we say? Voting? This is my first meal in two days. The electoral college has spoken. We can declare carla hall a clear winner. On "the chew," at 1:00 eastern on abc. The new book is out. "Cooking with love." Go grab it now. They're going like hotcakes. We'll be back.

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{"id":17664364,"title":"Carla Hall of 'The Chew' Shares Delicious Dishes and New Cookbook","duration":"3:00","description":"Chef Carla Hall shares her first cookbook, \"Cooking with Love,\" on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/carla-hall-chew-shares-delicious-dishes-cooking-love-17664364","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}