Casey Anthony, Conrad Murray: Trials of 2011

A look back at a year filled with courtroom drama.
2:25 | 12/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casey Anthony, Conrad Murray: Trials of 2011
This is -- a year of gripping courtroom dramas from the manslaughter conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor to the murder acquittals of two young American women. The verdict on 2011 is in its one of the biggest years for blockbuster trials we have ever seen. He was not capable like a legal thriller this year's biggest trial sparked intense emotion right down to those breathless moments when the verdicts were read this month. Since we the jury that jury trying to -- -- have been three Q did he stand for eight that your. Perhaps no trial -- OJ Simpson gripped the nation like -- companies. The mother accused of murdering her daughter Caylee Casey Anthony on trial Casey Anthony it was learning never -- we saw her police interrogation. Yeah. That have been truthful yeah I'm -- asking my daughter heard those troubling phone calls home from jail. How can only thing that you're not that -- that you're not crying that you showed no caring of where it really and I'll not hitting your. Crying and made it shouldn't second because I have to Jacobs told. Then -- Casey's attorney point the finger at her family. Casey was raised to lock all leading to that stuff verdict we the jury find the defendant not guilty I don't know what this jurors were thinking this is -- breakdown of our our our judicial system. In California the death of global icon led to another high profile case. If it were anybody else but Michael. Anybody else. With this doctor -- Here today on trial the Doctor Who prosecutors say killed him. The jury find the deep end -- Conrad Robert Murray. Guilty. Unlike Anthony -- is starting 2012. Behind bars that's. Sir -- but then there's Amanda Knox -- agonizing legal nightmare came to an end this year. In December 2009 an Italian court convicted her of the murder for British roommate. But this year after independent experts completely dismantle the prosecution's case he immediately -- really still. The court set her free figure -- -- never mean after years of with between Seattle and Italy Knox is Stanley could finally bring her home -- we couldn't have made it. Through without all you people -- here that have supported us. And especially a man.

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{"id":15245318,"title":"Casey Anthony, Conrad Murray: Trials of 2011","duration":"2:25","description":"A look back at a year filled with courtroom drama.","url":"/GMA/video/casey-anthony-conrad-murray-trials-2011-15245318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}