Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards' Affair

Daughter says she?s grateful that senator told her about cheating on her mom.
4:09 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards' Affair
Back every -- Cate Edwards is the eldest daughter of former US senator presidential candidate John Edwards and the late Elizabeth Edwards who lost her battle with advanced breast cancer. Nearly three years ago and -- boy did I think about you not only -- and helping your mom through this but also when. All this happened with your dad. And -- he he had an affair why your mom was dealing with breast cancer and -- I have so many questions for you and I hope you feel comfortable with me asking them and you can let me know if you -- but how did you learn about this. -- my dad told me. He. Really felt like he needed to get -- let me announce an adult. So -- obviously understand. What was going on. An -- that he could have that conversation himself and it was really. Difficult conversation for both of us. Obviously. That I was you know grateful at least in some ways that he could. He could you know actually telling it like he had to -- you furious -- your dad. I was angry he -- That's honestly. I was -- man. I. And only ours I just know your father Gary superficially. And so if by -- You I would have I would have been just in -- Chart while when you when he's your dad it's a different type of anger. There's anger but they're still so much love there and so we both work together to work through it and and you know get our relationship to the point that it is today which as we have a great relationship that's so nice and and I know that your dad had a daughter. Name Quinn and she's now find your soul she wasn't Charlotte, North Carolina island in DC McGinley was in Chapel Hill. I matter and she is really adorable really cute really sweet. And certainly has no fault in all of this -- -- -- it really great relationship with my dad I think that's the most important thing. He -- -- regularly at -- really close you are also at your father's side during his trial which you know ended. Welfare for him and for you. But did you think she and not already. You know. The trial after trial. Not literal -- at -- trial. After trial it. It it doesn't. It will surprise you how much strength -- and partner. And I relied -- a ton of content on my friends of my family. Has been for sure. And and you can get through a lot more than you -- you can and so I was I was very lucky tend to have the people the support system around me to get through this thing. I know that before your mom died she said she wanted to you and -- sent planes to someday tell your own children that she quote. Stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away and it surely has not she adjusted her sales. What else would -- you tell your children. About your mom their grandmother Wednesday. I would certainly tell that that can that's certainly true. -- she didn't just say it is a quote she truly lived at. I would say how incredibly strong she was how incredibly -- than she was. Funny I -- shark is a -- I he can you could not win an argument without woman but it -- try -- a lot. He now way she there's so much -- never even encompass -- You know in this brief time that -- right. She was a personality and a force. And I think that that that would never go -- for me and I hope I'm able to convey that to my children -- that. I'm so happy to spend some time if you Kate thank you so much for coming by and good luck with all your --

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{"id":20575909,"title":"Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards' Affair ","duration":"4:09","description":"Daughter says she?s grateful that senator told her about cheating on her mom.","url":"/GMA/video/cate-edwards-opens-john-edwards-affair-20575909","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}