Celebrating the dads in our lives

The "GMA Weekend" crew look back at the fathers and father figures in their lives.
2:22 | 06/18/17

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Transcript for Celebrating the dads in our lives
We know it is a big day for a lot of folks honoring both their fathers and their grandfather's I want it to you I give a little shout out. To my grandfather Johnny Reynolds a native of Covington Georgia. And he has been a huge inspirational father figure in my life all my life back that's us in Atlanta Georgia he entered me in a pageant. I would never done it does this Ager then this I'm not saying. I will tell you he passed away a couple of years ago but I he saw me get to that first stage of my career and was so proud and I'm glad that I was able to honor him today so let's talk about Dan's father I think we just flashed a picture there of Caldwell also I would you. You did that was not me there's a picture here that's doctor Jay Harris top top left next to his dad Sam Harris and and then in the bottom left that's my brother Matt in this early look into deferred to future morning news anchor that's that you look like trouble and that I was not the greatest you know I like aren't edited by mark kid I think I got to not my dad. Edward George fair SAS have a couple of photos but I just have saved my dad. And Fayette he's always got my back tough love. He was always there for me and I got a funny photo from I gash I think it was four years old. This is the traditional bowl cut that so many of us had all your co Q and my ged and the best mustache and look at the stats should a lawsuit that of that exhibit at. Ron what about you. My dad what with all respect to your problems was the best bother. Ever come all time it would have been the greatest influence on me whatever positive attributes I have site I attribute to him calm I'd locked my daddy died when he. Three years ago now and I still think about every day and great great great guy good guy or not argue with you there all of my that was great when you assuming it is to surprise you might thirtieth birthday -- was so proud that he kept the secret is that picture that says. Mom's not happy with what's in my mouth or my hand but. Dead along with a witness as well Anthony Marciano. Love in your. In his grandfather's aunt Erfurt that your father and the yet or the father figures that come into your life to make a difference that's so true news you know those of us that don't have our fathers and admire somebody when sent just look at the Mary you can see in look at my back here eyes if you guys now. They get a reality of whose fathers not hearing warrants happy father's everybody.

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{"id":48113826,"title":"Celebrating the dads in our lives","duration":"2:22","description":"The \"GMA Weekend\" crew look back at the fathers and father figures in their lives. ","url":"/GMA/video/celebrating-dads-lives-48113826","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}