Celebrity Trainer Loses Baby Weight in Six Weeks

Tracy Anderson sparked a heated debate after her comments about losing pregnancy weight.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Celebrity Trainer Loses Baby Weight in Six Weeks
We want to get to one of hollywood's hottest trainers right now. Tracy anderson. She's helped j. Lo, gwyneth paltrow, just to name a few, get back into shape. But it's anderson's provocative comments that has some women a little upset. She talks about using pregnancy to let the body go. Her roster of clients is a who's who of hollywood's hottest bodies. J. Lo, kate, gwyneth. Nothing worked iffer me the way tracy's method worked. Reporter: With fitness studios in new york, l.A. And london, tracy anderson is the go-to celebrity trainer. Gwyneth paltrow even shared the system that tracy created for her on oprah. Her workouts for expectant moms. Now, tracy who gave birth in may, is sparking conversation about some comments she made to "due jour" magazine. I've seen so many women come to we right after having children, with disaster bodies that have gone through hell. During her first pregnancy, tracy gained 60 pounds, eating hog dogs and milkshakes. But with her second, she says she did things differently. And adding in workouts. I do agree with tracy anderson in the sense that many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat much more than they should be eating. But on the other hand, I think you shouldn't be too quick to judge women who have just given birth. Reporter: But even anderson admits getting back in shape post-baby is hard. Her first day back in the gym, she said, was an incredibly demoralizing moment in my life. And tracy anderson is joining us right now to talk about those comments and about your beautiful, little girl. Hi, tracy. Hi. Thank you for having me. I'm so mortified. It sounds so bad when it comes back like that. It's not what I meant. What did you mean when you said the comments about women using pregnancy as an excuse? To eat what they want? Absolutely. First of all, I spent 14 years very focused, creating all of this original content. Testing of women to make sure i can give women something that really works, so they can be their most empowered self and be their most beautiful self. The last thing I would do is judge a woman after children. Pregnancy is difficult. And every pregnancy is completely unique. And we crave a lot. I think in today's society, where women have all sort of pressure to look a certain way, I think they turn to diet bauds that's what works for them. Fitness routines usually let them down. When they do get pregnant, it's not only -- I'm going to let my body go for this pregnancy. But it's like, I can eat all the things that I never let myself eat. Right. And so, because I see women who come to me after pregnancy. And they didn't need to necessarily gain that much. Or it's not a need thing, though. I have two. Especially with my second, i said, I'm going to sp and smell the roses here and enjoy it. If my body wants a cookie, I'm going to eat the cookie. I totally agree. But research is really telling us now for women, to have empty calories going in our bodies during pregnancy, we're setting them up for the rest of their life with their health. So, we do have to conscious of it. We absolutely have -- of course. Our instinct is the most important thing, though. We, as women, have to listen to our bodies, our cravings. Our bodies will tell us what we And I exercised conservative through my pregnancy. I want to say, your comments in "du jour" magazine got comments. One woman wrote, when are we going to let celebrities stop influencing us in such a narcissistic way. Your baby's needs come first. Your body, after. She had a very natural experience and was calm about the whole process. She is doing attachment parenting. I am, too. Slow and steady. We had another woman that wrote. I agree that moms use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go. Stop being lazy -- I don't think it's laziness. I've been there, it's hard. Work at it when you have time during the day or night. And you know you do. This is an issue that women are really talking about. First of all, I'm nursing and practicing attachment parenting. I didn't want to lose the weight, especially nutrition-wise, too quickly. You need to make sure you're eating enough for breast-feeding. The pregnancy project I did is so women can have the tools to exercise and keep their muscular structure together during pregnancy. We have a lot more power to stay connected to our bodies than we think. So, in essence, your comments, which did have a little bit of a backlash. Yes. What were you trying to say? I was trying to say that, i spent my pregnancy filming nine DIFFERENT PREGNANCY DVDs, TO Help empower women with mussular structure work for the days they do feel like moving. I have a roster from my doctor, to chris ty turlington, to gwyneth paltrow, all on the pregnancy project. Reassuring women that it is a unique experience. Gwyneth craved haagen-dazs. I craved cheeseburgers like crazy. Everything in moderation. Stay connected to your body. And your body doesn't have to be sacrificed forever. It's empowering to get your weight off, to get your body back. All right. Tracy anderson, the pregnancy project. You've done great work. I know you will continue to. Thank you for coming in and for clearing that up. You look great. And good luck with penny. Thank you so much.

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{"id":17103875,"title":"Celebrity Trainer Loses Baby Weight in Six Weeks","duration":"3:00","description":"Tracy Anderson sparked a heated debate after her comments about losing pregnancy weight.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-trainer-loses-baby-weight-weeks-17103875","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}