Tracey Gold, Carnie Wilson on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

The actress and the singer discuss what it was like on "Celebrity Wife Swap."
3:48 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracey Gold, Carnie Wilson on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'
And what if you started the new year with a new family. That's what happens in ABC's celebrity wife swap. And last night actresses Traci golden singer Carnie Wilson switched places to boot ABC's Abbie Boudreau now. With the story on what really happened behind the scenes. Poor control freak and -- child actor to treat Siegel extraction equipment is not entirely based on physical. It's stupid to. And free spirited singer songwriter Carnie Wilson. Swapping lives and families was an emotional roller coaster. Starting with the first day also the first time they discovered which celebrity they were trading -- where. Fashion history is he going. Which is it -- house and -- you'd think. They might sloppy wet well -- I don't know I I thought it was going to be another. I'm singer. Heard -- some in the music business I kept thinking OK they're gonna go like. Child actor. You know somebody who's grown up in in the business and -- I think that they were really good about not telling us -- -- hear about reality shows and on -- that they did a good job. A week long as you walk. Cut off from their family risk. Right away Tracy's four sons and anxious husband learned and heard. Just how uninhibited -- can be. You're like banners. My lead man in his right -- god. There was it would I don't remember anything. That there -- -- I don't know god. No part of it I just -- you know. We stick to a very regimented schedule at the beginning Carney played by treat these rules -- never looked at the pockets of my life -- -- -- sandwiches assassins. -- when it came time to rule change. No rules. Carney was serious about having more fun. You're definitely painted as the free spirit and you're sort of the control for. I don't think I'm quite as you know control lean in and structured you know -- -- one it may look but I mean you know if you kind of -- in -- pick -- apart. Yeah -- I -- The -- it wasn't that got me was no eating in the bids no -- yeah that's true we still can't agree on it because Carney that they still find that he had eaten bad and I think. None are now. -- was surprised by -- is constant support system housekeeping and nanny help for her two young daughters and well parties musician husband seemed out of -- With his own family's activities. Often working in his studio leaving Tracie on her own thing -- you like you're missing. It's sort of connection sure absolutely. Not and -- we talk about it we talk about in the episode Robin I do. About you know eight years it's the sort of like okay we're Rocca -- -- -- that they aren't happy at red rock god. -- new rules required him to join his children for dinner. And -- drive -- his knee has your relationship changed at all since this episode was shot not. Well this -- I think billion dollars show that swaps personality -- rock visit the Boston leading cheers and -- Nelson. It turns out Tracy and -- Made a lasting Beaumont it's different now yeah absolutely we aren't our eyes off of two seasons and made friends and -- -- -- -- -- -- Good Morning America Abby Boudreau ABC news. Instruments. And another episode of celebrity wife swap airs tonight at 9:8 central on ABC.

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{"id":15279011,"title":"Tracey Gold, Carnie Wilson on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'","duration":"3:48","description":"The actress and the singer discuss what it was like on \"Celebrity Wife Swap.\"","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-wife-swap-tracey-gold-carnie-wilson-trade-15279011","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}