Cellphone Radiation Risk: Link to Cancer?

Dr. Besser discusses a new report concerning government radiation testing.
1:29 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Cellphone Radiation Risk: Link to Cancer?
Let's -- -- -- that now whether chief health and medical editor doctor Richard investor. There really two separate questions here that steady improvement shows -- -- measurements are not accurate but that's a separate question of whether or not the radiation is dangerous exactly. You know when when you hear the word radiation it's it's scary but but one thing to realize is they're different types of radiation. The radiation from X rays is something called I NIC radiation that clearly has been shown to to cause cancer increase your risk of cancer. What you get from cell phones in the same type of radiation you get from a microwave about that. That's called non high and rising radiation and -- produces heat. And there's no good evidence that that radiation causes cancer -- no good evidence yet that if people don't want to take any chances at all what you did it well yeah this is the first generation that's grown up using cellphones from from birth and so. If you want to take some cautions in three easy things He can do the first one is limit the number of minutes you or your children are our talking on the cell phones -- that'll. That'll take the amount of time that's right up against your head -- down. The second thing is you can use a hands free device or speakerphone bigotry use hands free school with one of those things with a wire and saves energy that's right it saves a lot of energy. And then the third thing is text instead of Kok and the good news is. Most children most teens in Queens -- -- using these they're texting they're not talking. And that hasn't had any of that risk from that the closest to your head -- bottom line no link yet between that radiation cancer. Exactly no link but simple things to do. That's very much.

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{"id":14752053,"title":"Cellphone Radiation Risk: Link to Cancer?","duration":"1:29","description":"Dr. Besser discusses a new report concerning government radiation testing.","url":"/GMA/video/cellphone-radiation-risk-link-cancer-14752053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}