Chaz Bono Gets the Boot From 'DWTS'

Chaz and Lacey Schwimmer discuss their time on "Dancing With the Stars."
5:21 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Chaz Bono Gets the Boot From 'DWTS'
No regrets -- thing. You know and and and that's where that's why I think I'm misunderstood a little bit in this situation. You know who is waiting for me to buy my head you know. Take communion say I'm sorry and plea for forgiveness I have nothing to apologize. More from WiMax is a few minutes ago right here on GMA not backing down from his criticism of the judges it has been a dramatic week. I'm guessing the stars capped off -- Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer saying goodbye to the ballroom. Last night and -- and -- join us now live. From Los Angeles thanks for getting up early this morning guys -- wanna get to it is -- that terrific speech you made last night. Jazz in just a second but first you just heard Max they're saying is having an apologist for a -- here. His entire segment that what did you think when you heard and take on the -- the other night and does -- have anything to apologize for. You know I mean everybody has erected to speak their minds in. You know I think that He cleared some stuff up last night it seems like so. You know that's I'm and that's all really have to comment on. And -- they did. Mac's single view out -- -- guys are friends and but there's usually a -- lot of tension there between him and Derek. I try to stay out of that you now I am I think everyone here supports each other and it's just. We you know -- -- each -- for thirteen contends that gets to be like a big family. Some may -- -- the just a little Stanley quarrel there. Absences and OK let's get on to last night because as I said -- that was really -- -- -- -- some real class. Last I want to show our audience the speech you gave right at the end. You know look and I came on the show because I wanted to show America a different kind of man and I know the. I was growing up my whole included. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean especially the kids and teens were struggling and you know you -- have a wonderful great life can be successful and happy. You had a real goal here did you reach it. Oh absolutely I mean you know this experience really exceeded any expectations that I -- and was something that you know will probably forever affect my life pass out. It you know I gave me confidence in myself that I didn't have the floor and a physical awareness and and knowledge that I can. Do more than I thought I -- and I can get through a lot. You -- so gracious last night that He didn't hide your anger after. Bruno's comments. I'm on Monday night and you said you know you made him into an important point here when it. Quota for our viewers right -- if you're overweight woman in the competition losing weight they love you. -- -- overweight guy trying to do this competition getting in shape they penalize you for it. Is that what -- is doing. Well -- a look at I got a lot of references. From him about. You know things that would indicate. The fact that I'm overweight you know around us I was on the basketball. Penguin and you -- and I just -- appreciated it's like if you -- critique. My dancing -- give me some some. Constructed device so that I can try to improve the next time -- there. That would be great but I don't really know how to be less penguin actions -- I kind of took offense to that. -- -- think it's unnecessary and you know it's just it's hard to you -- You know take this competition seriously you when the judges -- so inconsistent so it's it's hard but at the same time we went out there definitely needed to do. And did a while and we had a great time doing it and I think at the end of the day that's what I job is all about found. And -- as you really had your mom in your corner throughout this that she took to Twitter. The last thank you back you up on Brunell and Kerry and -- Kerry and but offices if it -- seem to think that level is a little bit grumpy your -- really got into this didn't she. Yeah I think she really did -- I don't know you know is kind of what I told my family I was doing this they were a little surprised and you know I don't think they thought much and then -- -- really got behind me kind of like everybody else and and were rooting for me because they saw how hard it was trying and and how much I was pushing myself in coming out of my shell and you know this was something that my mom and I. Could really have common ground on because this is something that she she knows what it feels like. To go out and perform in front of our audience. And and you seemed to enjoy it as well as hard as hard as you -- working that was so much -- To see before you guys go clear and worn out. Jay our first yeah although unwilling person yeah and -- -- yes and adding -- I mean I'm lance and I -- everybody Anna Kasten and and so I have to go now away from me can't be about personalities that I -- everyone saw I have to. -- I think is best dancer and for me it's always from the beginning of the competition. Bean JR who Kagan is not a good personalities behind it is a great guy. I think we can all agree on that thank you so much you guys -- terrific. -- -- --

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{"id":14816407,"title":"Chaz Bono Gets the Boot From 'DWTS'","duration":"5:21","description":"Chaz and Lacey Schwimmer discuss their time on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/chaz-bono-boot-dwts-14816407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}