Cheaper Nail Polish May Be on Par With More Expensive Brands

Consumer Reports shows that pricier cosmetics may not always last the longest.
2:59 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Cheaper Nail Polish May Be on Par With More Expensive Brands
Also burning up "The heat index," everybody. We thank you so much, Chris. Moving on to nail Polish, now. Is the best deal for you in the drugstore or is it the expensive one? Will it last longer? The consumer reports say that may not be the case. Becky Worley has more on this. You put it to the test, I hear. Reporter: I did. Good morning, gang. You think with some of the designer polishes costing just south of 30 bucks a bottle, they would last a week, or two weeks on your nails. Or at least longer than the budget brands. But is that assumption true? Women think our most expensive purchases are the best ones. But Kim Kardashian showed up in makeup under 30 bucks. $20 mascara. $9 lipstick, right there from the drugstore. But what about nail Polish? High-end cosmetics companies like Chanel, tout luxury Polish for more than $25 a bottle. You think the expensive stuff has something special in it to maybe make it last longer. But a recent experiment found some cheaper brands did last longer than the most expensive choice.on "Csumer reports" recruited volunteers who wore two types of nail Polish to see which chipped first. Testers had Polish from a $2 bottle of sinful color. When it came to Chanel's LE vernis, it sells for $27 a bottle. And you should use their base and topcoat, too. That adds up. 79 bucks. Four out of the ten Chanel testers said it chipped on the first day. Don't buy by price. Paying more isn't going to get you better quality nail Polish. Reporter: Chanel told ABC news, that it's designed to find the right balance. How can you achieve that salon look at home? We met up with daisy Llewellyn, at the Polish bar. Everyone can do it themselves. Reporter: Her tips for long lasting Polish, always use a base coat. When you're done, dip your fingers in an ice bath. This helps to drive the nails faster and lock in the Polish. And to bring shine and longevity to your nails, moisturize them with cute Cal oil. You tried them both? It's hard to tell. One is expensive. One is cheap. You'd go with the cheap? I would. It seems like it lasts longer. All right. We asked you all, what's your favorite product under $5 at the drugstore? Here's some of your responses. Crystal says bonne bell vanilla swirl lip glass. I love it. Snells so good. And from ash -- wet and wild beauty comfort zone, color icon, eye shadow pale. Coming up, Jonah hill is

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{"id":23986901,"title":"Cheaper Nail Polish May Be on Par With More Expensive Brands","duration":"2:59","description":"Consumer Reports shows that pricier cosmetics may not always last the longest.","url":"/GMA/video/cheaper-nail-polish-par-expensive-brands-23986901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}