Cheerleader Falls During Routine

Cheerleader at the Pan American Games in Mexico fell in a swimming pool.
1:42 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Cheerleader Falls During Routine
Didn't notable break it didn't. But all things -- going along swimmingly. That the Pan American games in Mexico -- like that that's one theme for this cheerleading squad until something. Well you might never see on the sidelines of football game -- any other game what happened want to find them take that step back and then another step back and I don't expect Davidson. -- me. All no. Lucky strike is not so glad we -- -- the -- -- the whole. Crowd shots are shockingly. This one came to her rescue when -- -- Indeed that's not -- on a daily owned by the way. However she has ever the gamer. Take a look at she didn't get. The couple still. -- George Strait line what is now Jordan is a whole different got to come to. I wasn't go okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw this over the weekend and that He saw that -- make that's -- -- Now the recipe into -- on the -- sound Sam I'm sure you're quite well. I think one of the parts Lamotte is at some point you have to get the pool to -- -- I am now if we were not cheering team who would that be that fell in the -- Yeah. -- -- --

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{"id":14752567,"title":"Cheerleader Falls During Routine","duration":"1:42","description":"Cheerleader at the Pan American Games in Mexico fell in a swimming pool.","url":"/GMA/video/cheerleaders-misstep-lands-swimming-pool-14752567","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}