Cheerleaders, Parents Battle Coach Over Booster Funds

Allegations of fraud and intimidation surface between parents and coach Melissa Prochila.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Cheerleaders, Parents Battle Coach Over Booster Funds
now, to the allegations of forgery, intimidation and bribery, all involving a high school cheerleading squad in florida. The coach of the squad has been removed. And officials have opened an investigation. But what really went on inside this real-world "mean girls" squad? Abc's matt gutman is in miami with the latest on this story. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. It all started when parents started asking questions about the $1,000-plus in annual booster fees. They say those questions triggered bullying by the coach. And the coach says it was the moms who were the real "mean I feel like my whole world's shattering. Reporter: Could melissa, the kind of coach that "bring it on" bullies might have dreamed of. I'm captain. Reporter: Parents at this high school are accusing the embattled substitute teacher and former cheerleading coach, of what coulde a cruel sue sylvester from "blee." Operation "mean girls. Requests. She was going to put me in a room with the girl that was bullying me. I felt like I was being targeted. Reporter: In a complex tangling of allegations, the parents say she not only bullied their daughters was masterminded a pay-to-play scheme. I'd like to know where the money is. I'd like to have a booster club meeting with treasury reports showing where the money is, where it's going, what are we paying for, why do we continue paying? Reporter: There's no accounting for $9,000? There was no parent meeting. Reporter: "Gma" was shown the thousands of dollars paid to outside consultants. The parents were never told. Nor were they consulted about out of county trips. Has anybody ever been asked to forge your parents' signature? Raise your hand. Reporter: She says it's all trumped up. The money is easy to prove. There's receipts for everything. That's the easiest part. They can find a number. We can show a receipt for everything. That's the easy part of this. Reporter: Joanne gavin has proven tougher. She consistently tried to bring this to the attention of the principal, he banned her from the school. Am I satisfied? Am I happy? It should have never gotten this far. Reporter: On tuesday, dozens of students and cheerleaders, fought for the reinstatement as cheerleading coach at a school board hearing. She's been cleared by two school board investigations but was let go anyway. What could you have done that made them so angry? I don't know. Reporter: No requested? I lose sleep over that. Reporter: She has been allowed to remain in her job as a substitute teacher. Those cheerleaders say her "mean girl" supporters are tweeting out things like, your time will come. And I'll show them what bullying really is. Looks like this isn't over yet. Those are something else, those tweets. Matt, thank you so much. I'm sure we'll hear more about this story.

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{"id":17403650,"title":"Cheerleaders, Parents Battle Coach Over Booster Funds","duration":"3:00","description":"Allegations of fraud and intimidation surface between parents and coach Melissa Prochila.","url":"/GMA/video/cheerleaders-parents-battle-coach-booster-funds-17403650","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}