Chefs Challenge 'Worst Cooks' to Egg-Off

Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell teach easy ways to poach eggs for breakfast.
4:55 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chefs Challenge 'Worst Cooks' to Egg-Off
I'm new twist today hit Food Network show worst cooks in America -- this season superstar chef Bobby Flay is set to take on. Undefeated series -- and and Burrell holiday it's gonna get ugly she's invincible is this -- I'm going through the hat -- -- don't tell me how this works -- you guys like found. Eight people who basically didn't couldn't even find their way to a kitchen right you don't sound GOP. 88 08 catalyst behind the eight people aside with sixteen people who were we think -- -- you know arguably the worst cooks -- -- -- taste of that. I think we found him with -- cancer series of challenges and one person from each team gets kicked off and every episode. You're gonna take us through what is I guess one of the simpler tasks is. Is it boy and are flourishing. I don't know what it called as well I didn't call whatever you want but -- anti poaching eggs so Lara. You ready for this yes why why picking up the vinegar and yeah that's a good -- I imagine going on target approach today a case the first I do suggested -- good idea so he's gonna crack the -- into like a little round of interest in the reason why do that is. If you could if you. Break the egg like that you could start again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry and contracting exam because they break Ronald nice when -- bat I had -- -- is great I broke it's a -- you know -- what the -- to stay intact. -- -- -- -- -- Over here every day I don't have -- Saturday and next when little vinegar to that would -- Lucas on -- -- Had not yet is gonna do it right we'll hear what it had a little tat tat that we're a little about -- varies -- right he had little bigger exactly. And Clinton matter how high grades -- Colorado it is or he -- tell -- of the room to say nice you can tell we -- probably hit the before this demonstration went out of bed and they are not right but we did I get asked repenting and we're not -- -- I don't really care -- -- the -- -- already -- -- the -- -- the white -- -- immediately -- of this food -- -- Easter -- -- time to look at the Pentagon. I -- is gonna create a swirl around you this year Clara look. Like that ultimately -- 800 fish. By the way you see that we do less to those guys are working -- often when we exceed MI this is gonna try -- -- double poaching. Hang on until early two different -- load gets for -- when I had another thirty -- are tentatively Gannett brown -- Canadian bacon affect freedom actually finished the day and -- The post today there are so many different -- in different ways to make you guys -- -- two recipes with us as well that will have online you can get afterwards once -- -- that better than Lara. Eric you've been left behind -- -- a lot of right. It's. Been okay. -- -- I'm sorry that you'll lose I. -- -- proud of it and I rappers and so let's let's take one recipe the times we know what's going on so what what happens. And we brown some Canadian -- right felt we put it on our English -- is right contest he had you know -- freaked out -- -- here by the way we are done -- -- -- how that would not really my thing. I did not get a lot of -- And it's output and from Atlanta -- -- -- -- the candidate they -- -- -- -- Feel we have a new -- -- call to rescue shaft. -- -- Yeah yeah. -- your -- -- and this is a -- one on my left that's really hard it's really nice the -- my right is not what you wanna say whether we want it we want to show. The good the bad -- -- take one of -- poached -- What's the -- Lara -- I'm just horrified a pen and I wish we had more time to to show how we rectify the situation. And you will see a celebrity edition apparently on numerous cuts in America that we are salmon right here where America. -- -- -- -- -- -- That the federal and accept -- -- and I thought I'm taking care of them tag -- I -- you very much. A little holidays. A little light salad on the side as well with that with a hand. But what's that what's the this is menu here this -- -- New Orleans style eggs Benedict has tussle hand we're tonight -- -- nice spice -- a grilled tomato. And then of course. Larry's perfectly poached eggs like taxes and and my coach I don't know I think they wanted -- an occasional holiday sauce no they believe a little bit of -- radio. My -- -- -- thank you for turning me. Anybody can learn to cook especially using the show tell us English on where we can find about it's called worst -- in America on food no work February 12 this Sunday at 9 PM why can't -- Trying to -- title if she went out. --

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{"id":15546799,"title":"Chefs Challenge 'Worst Cooks' to Egg-Off","duration":"4:55","description":"Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell teach easy ways to poach eggs for breakfast.","url":"/GMA/video/chefs-challenge-worst-cooks-egg-off-15546799","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}