Chic Retro Looks to Keep Cool This Summer for Under $100

Lucky magazine's Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen shares some of her favorite looks that will take you back to the '70s and '80s.
3:10 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for Chic Retro Looks to Keep Cool This Summer for Under $100
Next up in our "Heat index." Time for retro rewind with Eva Chen, editor in chief of "Lucky" magazine and her faves will take you right back to the '70s and '80s starting with the chicest way to pull off a 1y6r7. Sara Haines will tell us. ? Reporter: Fashionistas like hidely Klum, bejonzen and Kate Hudson are jumping for the jumpsuit. Think Cher circa 1975 but updated. All in one look. No thinking required. Put it on and you're done. Reporter: Our own robin Roberts is a huge fan sporting her own look for an occasion. As a guest judge on "Dancing with the stars" rocking the "Gma's" red carpet, even dropping in on Ellen. For the dos and don'ts of this retro rewind we turn to the experts at "Lucky" magazine. Is this for people all body types? Just trial and error like finding a pair of jeans. You have to try on a certain number. A super cute romper from topshop, $96. Perfect for date night. Is there a rule of the length it hits and footwear. Definitely. When you wear something on the shorter side don't go above 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Reporter: For those weekday office approved ensembles. This is $86 from and have a clean and simple sandal as well. For this look I recommend having a leather jacket at wok or a blazer. Reporter: How about the casual weekend outing? It's prop Cal easy, breezy, one piece, you can go from basically ear' running to a concert. $54 from a site called To get in on this I tried one on for size. That's your I nailed the jumpsuit phase. The only hard part is going to the bathroom. That is definitely the biggest challenge. You basically have to completely disrobe so be prepared, make sure there's a guard outside the rest room when you're going out so that you don't have any fashion faux pass. Eva is here to tell us the hottest accessories to wear with our retro wear and all three of us are wearing jumpsuits. We all have our jumpsuits on. Because I'm on the tallish side it helps people say but that's not the case. Any body type can wear it. Petite side, wear it with a heel and makes your legs look six inches longer. I'm wearing a couple other trends. Maybe you should not have worn them all at once. Nobody told me that. Looking good. The Fannie pack is coming back. It's coming back in full force. You probably have one in your closet from the '80s, break it back off. It is coming back in a huge way. What are your favorite scrunchies. They're back shown on the Marc Jacobs' runway and they're great because they're at all different price points. I do like those. Those were not the Fannie packs I was thinking of. I like Eva's the best. American apparel. She has fun stuff in there. An Orange -- Where is the doughnut. Might be a doughnut. Convenient. Thank you, Sara. Three bonus items from her on our website and we've got the

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{"id":24189451,"title":"Chic Retro Looks to Keep Cool This Summer for Under $100","duration":"3:10","description":"Lucky magazine's Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen shares some of her favorite looks that will take you back to the '70s and '80s.","url":"/GMA/video/chic-retro-cool-summer-100-24189451","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}