Child product recalls rose sharply in 2016: Report

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
3:01 | 04/03/17

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Transcript for Child product recalls rose sharply in 2016: Report
We're back now with our big board and Rebecca Jarvis and Larry Hackett are here at the table and let's start with that ABC news exclusive parents beware, an alarming new report out later today from the organization kids in danger has found that the number of child product recalls as well as injuries and deaths rose dramatically in 2016 and, Rebecca, according to this safety group, last year we saw the highest number of recalls in over a decade. What's going on? This is very concerning for parents. Recalls last year up 12%, 66.8 million products were recalled and we've seen the number of incidents involving product recalls go up dramatically. Almost to 5,000 last year and if you'll recall, that IKEA dresser, the viral video that we saw, we actually did testing on that very dresser that was recalled here at ABC news, everyone remembers the viral videos of that falling over. Also the McDonald's step-it device that was given out in happy meals that too was recalled. Some big ones involved. But were there any good news that came out of this report. The best news that came out of this report, a group that has been recalled very frequently previously cribs were not recalled last year. So even though we've seen major raws involving cribs in the past, five of them in 2007, 21 in 2010, 0 cribs were recalled last year. That's good news. For parents wondering what can we do, how can we help protect our kids go to That's where you can report any issues involving your products. Great advice. Thanks, Rebecca. Next up we have an explosive new lawsuit from Johnny Depp's amber heard countersuing him alleging he went behind her back and secretly filmed explicit nude scenes using her body double and this comes as the producers filed a $10 million lawsuit against her. What is she alleging in her countersuit. She's alleging she said show won't do a nude scene and they agreed and after she finished filming used a body double and made it appear impossible to tell the difference between her body and their body. A producer's cut that shows these sex scenes and she's saying you told me you were not going to do it an you're violating the terms of the contract. She starred with Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Depp alleged she had an affair with Billy Bob. She had a nudity rider. How common are these and what type of pressure is put on actresses to have these types of scenes. There's lots of pressure. Sarah Jessica parker has one and Julia Roberts has no nude scenes. It depends what kind of power you have in Hollywood. The higher you rise up the more you can say I don't want to do this. That said at the same time whether it's HBO seeing women nude is not that uncommon so the lines are not as clear as they used to be in the past is there we appreciate it, Larry, thank you. Reynolds, thank you as well.

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{"id":46538570,"title":"Child product recalls rose sharply in 2016: Report","duration":"3:01","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/child-product-recalls-rose-sharply-2016-report-46538570","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}