Chris Klein on New Role Playing Opposite a Dog

The former "American Pie" star talks about his new role on "Willfred."
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Chris Klein on New Role Playing Opposite a Dog
The game. From Americana hot and now he has a much different costar in -- hit show will Brady did an actor. Playing at Dalton and it's gotta be -- let's get about him Chris caught up. Okay. Okay. Okay. And I was tired of the athletes. The Indiana oh my gosh it's a pleasure to be here thanks for how mean I gotta tell you find new that it didn't fit was so easy able to skip the Carty owns a -- I thought melted in center located at it was unbelievable yeah he's so well this outstanding for the well that's what we're here we're educated. It's entertainment and as do you -- -- sort of -- concept if you haven't seen it it is terrific and so Smart JC again. Plays a dog and and he's a man and a -- -- and you -- the incredible scenes with them and it's quite a departure. Could not. It is indeed it is indeed I'm so thrilled to be. Working without facts and working -- again and Elijah Wood on the show and the writing is so moved some -- people are getting wind of the show they're really excited about it we've had some really spectacular numbers. What is it exactly and you must now -- -- well okay here's the thing. Nobody now. Nobody has any clue what's happening here so so so Elijah Wood you guys -- -- -- -- right right. He plays Ryan Doumit and Jason again plays will friend who is an Australian in a dog suit. But the only character that sees him as an Australian and a dog suit is Bryant the rest of us always get dark. Plus our percent of revenue but the -- smokes pot the dog gets Ryan and all kinds of trouble he smokes cigarettes he drinks but the -- the interesting thing about the show. Is anybody with a dog has anybody any experience with a -- kind of relate because Arnold much you guys -- got a German shepherd at home. We have -- -- -- intellectual. Conversation. Maybe on the cuts that you did keep the dog away from the illegals and yet is that the always always want -- assure everybody -- -- everybody take a look. And action. The boy I'd go let go both -- let go. You -- of the -- But the more -- today. Triangle project and the giant. Okay. Okay. And that I Chris we've got -- here we're going to be to play little games I've learned how to truth and the -- here's -- -- Chris is gonna tell us three things about themselves to. True blue line -- -- he gets back and -- we're all gonna guess which one -- -- Chris go ahead. Dramatic reading -- it. My friend to. Is -- He was knocked out an intense game of football during recess in the third grade. I loved the mountains. -- not an avid. Mountain climber I didn't scale -- copies. Holiday videos -- -- and all put them on any game. -- -- It's not here current. -- -- where. Couldn't get a good look at that shoppers. I'm gonna go where I'm not -- the peppers and I do not believe. Don't believe -- what do you have. India -- audience -- and why me why. The tune. Okay. Okay. It's it's all tied for the I don't know how many -- -- I heard a lot of. -- -- -- well the audiences -- Okay. Although it's one of my 61 of my goals that would really love to climb on -- Everybody could find on --

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{"id":17145913,"title":"Chris Klein on New Role Playing Opposite a Dog","duration":"3:00","description":"The former \"American Pie\" star talks about his new role on \"Willfred.\"","url":"/GMA/video/chris-klein-role-playing-opposite-dog-17145913","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}