Chris Rock on New Flick, Broadway

Comedian chats about his latest film, "2 Days in New York," and what he did in Robin's dressing room.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for Chris Rock on New Flick, Broadway
I'm here with chris rock. He plays "t days in new york," playing the boyfriend of a frazzled french woman. Her wacky family comes to visit. And he is blowing off steam with imaginary friends. If we broke up, I would wake up in the morning. I'd get my coffee. I'd be on my way. No more organic crap. Nothing organic. The day we break up, I'm going to start barbecuing in this place. I can go to the knicks game, and hang with my boys. A few women. Multiple women. Hey. You got something on you. Somebody needs to help you out there. You and your buddy, barack, just hanging out. Me and the perez. The movie is funny. Julie duffy plays your girlfriend. Plays my girlfriend. Then, everybody moves in from france. And the man who plays her dad in this movie -- he's great. He's really her dad. He speaks no english. And, yeah. It was amazing. You look kind of mesmerized by him. Because ier understood what he was saying the whole movie because I don't speak french. Really. I didn't have 21 kids. 19 kids. But they might have another one. With one woman? That's right. Woo. You're not ready for that? No. If I have 19 kids, it will be with 8, 9 women. I'm going to have fun having 19 kids. I'm going nba style if I have 19 kids. Let's get back to the movie. Hard to get back to the movie after that. You're kind of the straight man in this movie. I am kind of the straight man. I get laughs. Yeah. But I'm the sane one, I would say, in this movie. It's a really good movie. You know? There's no violence. You'll be fine. You'll be safe. It's great. It's really, really funny. And she's fantastic. She wrote and directed, as well? She wrote and directed. It's a sequel to "two days in paris," that she wrote and directed. We went to sundance. We've been all over the place. I watched it last night. And it really is, it's a lot of fun and fantastic. You're making all kinds of interesting choices in your career lately. You were on broadway las year. You did a documentary "good hair." But I head that you're itching for dirty work. I'm ready to be a bad boy. I'm kind of feeling like i want to do standup again. Or do some movie where I get to curse. Eight or nine kids. Eig8 or 9 kids with 12 women. This whole year, I'm a zebra. I'm in a big blockbuster, "madagascar 3." Kids' favorite. Kids love that. It will be nice to be a dirty guy. We get a lot of e-mails overnight from people who want to see you back out on tour. I want to do it. In the age of cell phone cameras, people don't let you work. What do you mean by that? Well, here's the thing. Anytime you see an hbo special, I've done almost 200 shows to get ready for that. And before I go on tour, i probably do 60 or 70 shows in a little club. But now, with the cameras, people show this stuff as you're getting ready. This show starts at 7:00. You know how bad this show is at 5:00 in the morning? Yes, we do. It's horrible. But they get it ready. I heard you say, you're ready to do morning television. I could do this before I'd do late night. Yeah? It's a nicer schedule. I don't know. It seems more civil. I'm going to make an invitation to you. I had a ball here. I was in robin's dressing room. Robin, everyone knows, she will be taking a medical leave. She will have people coming to fill in for her. Are you ready for that? Robin, I was in your dressing room. I'm using your lotion. I have all the oils and stuff. Got some nice stuff in there, that robin. As long as you didn't try on her clothes. Well, you know. Chris rock, thanks very much. "Two days to new york" opens on friday. "The bell curve," with kamau bell. Watching that, as well. Let's get the weather from sam.

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{"id":16956626,"title":"Chris Rock on New Flick, Broadway","duration":"3:00","description":"Comedian chats about his latest film, \"2 Days in New York,\" and what he did in Robin's dressing room.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-rock-reveals-robins-dressing-room-gma-interview-16956626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}