ChristianMingle Mistake: Beauty Queen Speaks Out

Tanya Rivero reports on a case of online dating gone wrong.
2:22 | 03/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ChristianMingle Mistake: Beauty Queen Speaks Out
Now to the website that's supposed to help christian singles, quote, find god's match for them but now a beauty queen is coming forward and accusing a man of using the site for decidedly unspiritual purposes. Abc tanya rivero is here with the story. It took a lot of courage to come forrd and talk with us speaking out against a man that police say targeted women on a religious dating site because he thought they would be easier prey. California beauty queen victoria kinney says she feared falling victim to an unholy crime at the hands of this man, sean banks, who police say used this christian dating site to fish for more than just dates. Reporter: Join christianmingle.Com today. He was very eloquent, very educated, very smart. There were a few things he said that were a warning sign to me. Reporter: Banks stands accused of sexually assaulting another woman he also met on christianmingle.Com. He began to become more and more aggressive and ultimately led charge of raping her. Reporter: Police had trouble tracking him down as the 37-year-old allegedly used aliases to open three accounts, but when they did, banks was arrested for rape and robbery. Kinney, a miss california 2012 cotant says banks began to threaten her when he got out on bail. He called me letting me know that he had been arrested and didn't want me talking to police. Reporter: Friday a judge banned banks from getting within 100 yards of kinney. Banks has pleaded innocent to all charges. Can you imagine being a young man going on a dating service thinking things are going well and then having her make these types of accusations that are misconstrued that are not corrected. Find got's match for you at christianmgle.Com. Reporter: Christian mingle makes it clear the site does not conduct background checks. A spokesperson tells abc news, we continue to assist police in every way possible. The safety and security of our members is our top priority. And in that courtroom friday banks also faced two additional charges, one involving a previous rape allegation from 2009 and another involving threatening a witness. He was taken into custody on a new bail request. On the new charges he will be back in court on wednesday. Makes you think they don't vet these people. You have to be careful online. Online is online. Thanks. Time for a check of weather

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{"id":18640870,"title":"ChristianMingle Mistake: Beauty Queen Speaks Out","duration":"2:22","description":"Tanya Rivero reports on a case of online dating gone wrong.","url":"/GMA/video/christianmingle-mistake-beauty-queen-speaks-18640870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}