Christie Brinkley Is Turning 60 - And Katie Gets A Hair Extension

Christie Brinkley stops by Katie to discuss her upcoming birthday and her new hair extension line.
3:35 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Christie Brinkley Is Turning 60 - And Katie Gets A Hair Extension
I guess it's right to you here. And time I yeah well I know I eat the real well listen you have a big. Celebration -- and February you have looked at the birthday yeah. Yes. Yes yes yes I do. It's -- -- big 60. I now. Home. 54 are about nine years now expect -- big change to go from fifty to hit sixty he'd keep that this new Caroline you're doing right yeah so what is that it back out. Well it's called -- it's here to -- and it's a Christie Brinkley collection and I'm so excited about it. I'm wearing two extensions right now aren't. -- out that's it is it's not real care. So it's it's synthetics so has all the advantages of hair that none of the disadvantages it doesn't -- is it doesn't lose the shape. And and of course. One extension in real -- feet thousand dollars. And mine go for 49. That's right I'm -- just after parent -- apparel. Depend on where you put -- it's clip on -- -- -- gas and. At we have three models you guys and come on out we have they're gonna show us your airline we have. GAAP realities are and -- hi hi guys looking at itself. That reality this is happening -- gas and every else has the pony and fish tale had banned right yes. We have had bands. Several different styles of head bands and the pony tail can be worn. Lots of different ways it comes with sort of like little -- at stake out the side you can wrap around. You can do those tight you can do those lose the pony -- is a no brainer it's so easy to news. And -- -- has seen an offense -- she wound in the same extensions as me but just one. And and you -- -- -- seamlessly. The snaps are nice and flat on head. And they are as easy as 123. And is about finally has a plant right and this is you -- sent a collection. Yes yes. The company actually started. Long before me I'm working with top notch experts here who know everything about the industry. And -- -- got started with -- for women undergoing you know cancer treatments and women with -- And. It's really hear them on that circuit she's secrecy I always want it -- honey to else that you actually -- I cannot though are put out an omni OK based company run -- here okay scientist I'm. I just like -- a pony tail like that OK now you can mean these you know -- -- applicable casual thing but. Personally you -- and like I kind of like to finish the I mean look see what I'm talking about like. That is so cute if you can't just like that to my --

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{"id":20926694,"title":"Christie Brinkley Is Turning 60 - And Katie Gets A Hair Extension","duration":"3:35","description":"Christie Brinkley stops by Katie to discuss her upcoming birthday and her new hair extension line.","url":"/GMA/video/christie-brinkley-turning-60-katie-hair-extension-20926694","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}